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DIY- Super Simple & Affordable, Christmas Nails!

Therefore.... I must have Christmas themed nails. However I am not the girl who goes out and spends approximately $45 on a set of acrylics, Being the bargain hunter I would say that I am, I ventured out looking for a much much cheaper alternative.

Glue on nails. So cheap in comparison to acrylics and they look very natural, they are not thick and chunky like acrylics and definitely do not damage your natural nail as much. I have been using glue on nails for quite some time now and I often get people telling me they look real and if I hadn't had told them they were fake they would have had absolutely no idea.

When I was shopping in Kmart (unsurprisingly, since I practically live there) I was looking through the glue on nail section looking for some cheap pre-painted nails for convenience so I wouldn't have to spend any time painting them when I came across some $4 silver glittery nails, let me just repeat $4!! The glitter nails came with glue but, having used Kmart's nails before I know that their glue ain't all that good so I opted for the slightly more expensive option of buying some more Nailene ultra quick drying nail glue.

Originally I was just going to go all silver glitter nails but when I started placing them over my nails to get a general idea of how they were going to look, I was not satisfied, It needed red. Why? Because Christmas, that's why!

So grabbed out my $2 deep red Rubi nail varnish and some Revlon top coat for the glitter nails (as the glitter was a bit flaky) and got painting. The nails I used for majority of my fingers are the Nailene $15 nails, that come in a pack of 200.

So here I present to you the finished look!

I am very happy with how it all turned out.

This just shows you don't need to spend a lot of money for an awesome result!
Hope you liked it and let me know if you gave it a try, or you also have some cute festive nails going on.

Exploring The Botanic Gardens.

Today was divine. I met up in the city with some good friends to exchange gifts for christmas. We had a lovely lunch at Two-Bit-Villains and wandered mindlessly around Rundle mall for a while then down Rundle street admiring all the clothing and home-wares we couldn't quite afford. We then abruptly decided it might be a nice idea to do some exploring in the Botanic Gardens and to sit down and enjoy the serenity.

I took so many photos, of flowers, architecture and of course plants! 
Thought I would share my favourite photos from the day, hope you like them too.

We had decided to spend only $20 on each other, so we each chose two products from lush and then used the left over money to buy little treats.

There is me being overjoyed about new lush bath bombs, a candle and whizz fizz.

Also just in case anyone was wondering my peplum top is from temt and was $6.95, my pants were also from temt and were $10 and my shoes were from Kmart for $12

Lovely places you should definitely check out.

I really do adore adventuring and discovering cute little places to have coffee, hot chocolate or lunch. I often find myself in the city wandering down Rundle Mall with friends, and it is always necessary to take a little break from shopping and find a lovely cafe to sit down and reflect on our purchases and prepare for a new Instagram picture. This does happen to me quite often, and sometimes its nice to make a spontaneous trip to a local cafe for a coffee and cake fix. All the places I am recommending have plenty of gluten free options as I am gluten intolerant as well as many other things. 


This is the perfect place to go in you are craving junk food like, burgers, fries, onion rings, nachos, etc. if you are gluten intolerant or vegan (or just hungry for some good food). For food I have only tried the fries but they are so incredibly delicious I crave them! I have also  tried a few of their impeccable hand crafted sodas (ginger beer, cream soda, passion fruit, chai).I have also tried their vegan chocolate shake and I would have to say that it was the best soy-milk milkshake I have ever had! I honestly can't wait to try their vegan nachos as well! The atmosphere in this soda bar is seriously adorable, it is very vintage/retro chic, lots of colours, art, cute jars to drink out of, what isn't there to love! I would definitely recommend this place! Two-Bit-Villains is hidden away on the balcony level of the Adelaide Arcade.
Grange Jetty Cafe

This cafe is located Right next to the jetty at Grange Beach, They do wonderful soy hot chocolates and white hot chocolates. And they also make the most wonderful hot chips! they are the perfect amount of crispy and served with the perfect amount of tomato sauce. I have to admit that all the food items on their menu are more on the pricey side, but i'm sure its worth it. My favourite thing about the Grange jetty Cafe would be the view, grange beach is so beautiful and its always nice to go for a little walk on the sand afterwards.
The Loose Caboose

I have been to this cafe 3 times, including today as it was my boyfriend and I's 11 months. Each time I have come here I have always had the gluten free raspberry cheesecake, because I can safely say that it is the best baked cheesecake you will ever have. They have delicious coffees, cakes, fresh juices, breakfasts and lunches.The cafe is located right alongside the Bowden train station. It is very cute and vintage, very indie and trendy. I love the cute blue cups and plates and the fancy vintage spoons, I also love that they have lucky charms on the breakfast menu!
Coffee Spot

I have only been to coffee spot twice (both times with my friend Emily), I got the iced soy milk latte and Emily had the iced chocolate, perfect drinks for a warm day. The staff all seem very friendly and the cafe is very chill and laid back. It is quite dark in there but there is seating in the arcade available. The coffee spot is located down the Rundle mall end of the Adelaide arcade. The absolute best thing about this coffee shop is that they do not charge extra for soy milk! rejoice! I also quite like that they serve your drinks in take away cups so that you can drink and walk or do some more shopping.

This is my go to lunch when i'm in the city, because I know its delicious, affordable and healthy. For only $4.50 you get two huge cold rolls that really fill you up. You get to choose between grilled chicken, prawn, meatballs, soy ginger chicken, pork and prawn and my current favourite tofu and shitake mushrooms. At Soonta you can also get salads or rolls but I haven't tried any of that just yet. There are two Soonta's in the city, one in James place and one in the Rundle place food court. What I find really interesting is that cold rolls are $4.50 at the James place store and $5.00 at the Rundle place store.. interesting...
The East-End Providore

I have actually only ever been to this cafe once! but I must go back because "Gluten free salted caramel brownies and almond milk lattes" oh my goodness best thing ever! To be honest i'm not even sure where this cafe is because we were a bit lost when we found it. But I will google it and I will find it again. The staff were lovely and they way our food and drink was presented was just wonderful. They also sold fresh fruit and the products used in their food and drinks. I'm craving one of their brownies now!
Jamaica Blue

Jamaica blue is probably the safest option for coffee/hot chocolates when in the city or at West-lakes because you just know it will be absolutely delicious every single time. I am always super happy when my hot chocolate comes out to me with at least one marshmallow and Jamaica blue never fails to deliver just that. I adore the one in the city as it is located on the second level of the Myer centre overlooking Rundle mall, it is great for people watching.
Fresh Junction

Craving fresh juice? cant be bothered waiting in line at boost? Well then you need to head right over to Fresh Junction in the Rundle place food court. To be completely honest I have never had a boost juice so I cant really compare the two but the juice from fresh junction really is fresh and delicious. My usual is either the Junction Yellow (orange and pineapple) or create your own orange, pineapple and strawberry juice. so yum! and only $4.90 for a regular, with or without ice.

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where you gooo! (You can't honestly tell me you didn't sing that) I am incredibly excited for Christmas! 

The adorable Santa mug that is perfect for my festive spiced herbal teas was only $5 from Coles and the equally as adorable Ginger bread man socks were from Kmart for $2.50.

I have been absolutely loving all the lush Christmas products, I love anything that smells like gingerbread and spices, so I could not resist buying myself the melting snowman (pictured above) for a little christmas treat. I also know that my sister has bought me a ton of lush stuff for christmas (including Holly Golightly! so excited) and so have my friends so I will definitely do a post and maybe a review on each one once Christmas has passed.

Cheap decorating ideas!!

I bought the giant red bauble place-mat with all intention of using it on the table under hot foods for christmas dinner, But the blank space on my wall had been annoying me for several days so when I got home with the place-mat I decided it would make a perfect wall decoration, and for only $2 from Kmart!!

When I was out shopping I made a list of things that I needed and LED string lights to replace my other lights were on the top of my list. Before the new lights I was using the lights from my Typo lanterns, the only problem with them is that they would get really really hot and I was slightly worried about the fire risk especially as the weather gets warmer and I also wasn't sure if they would burn or melt the tinsel. the LED lights were only $7 from Kmart.

I think the silver Tinsel was $5 also from Kmart.

The super adorable red and green bunting was also from Kmart (no surprises there) And for one length (14 flags) they only cost me $2.50! 

The flower light in the picture is from Ikea, not sure of the price as I got it many years ago. Red and white beanie is from Spotlight and the lovely decoration hanging in the middle was a gift.

Kmart would have to be my favourite store for affordable everything! They have great home-wares, clothing, accessories, sports gear, everything!

Just like the wind, I am free.

Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia
Going to the beach has always been one of my favourite things to do. When the sun is shining, the waves are gentle and the breeze is warm. I am able to breathe, relax and enjoy life.
Like the wind, I am free.
I caught the bus to Henley Beach quite early and arrived 20 mins before the time arranged to meet my friends. As I walked toward the beach I was already trying to snap pics of the ocean still two streets away. Once I had found a bench with the perfect view of the sea, I sat there and enjoyed the serenity whilst waiting for my friends. 

I am always filled with happiness when I see other people smiling and enjoying life, seeing all the children running around full of joy, old friends bumping into each other and talking about their life, the kindness of a stranger who was helping a lady who had fallen and couples walking hand in hand. Its the little things that make me smile.

Copenhagen has the most wonderful ice-cream flavours!
mine on the left is cappuccino flavour topped with nuts and chocolate sauce
(unfortunately not lactose free so I suffered a little later on)
Top scoop on the right is Nutella flavour!

After the beach I went to the shops with dad and saw these absolutely stunning flowers and I had to take photos. The colours are so vibrant and I have decided to take more photos of things that make me happy.