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DIY- Super Simple & Affordable, Christmas Nails!

Therefore.... I must have Christmas themed nails. However I am not the girl who goes out and spends approximately $45 on a set of acrylics, Being the bargain hunter I would say that I am, I ventured out looking for a much much cheaper alternative.

Glue on nails. So cheap in comparison to acrylics and they look very natural, they are not thick and chunky like acrylics and definitely do not damage your natural nail as much. I have been using glue on nails for quite some time now and I often get people telling me they look real and if I hadn't had told them they were fake they would have had absolutely no idea.

When I was shopping in Kmart (unsurprisingly, since I practically live there) I was looking through the glue on nail section looking for some cheap pre-painted nails for convenience so I wouldn't have to spend any time painting them when I came across some $4 silver glittery nails, let me just repeat $4!! The glitter nails came with glue but, having used Kmart's nails before I know that their glue ain't all that good so I opted for the slightly more expensive option of buying some more Nailene ultra quick drying nail glue.

Originally I was just going to go all silver glitter nails but when I started placing them over my nails to get a general idea of how they were going to look, I was not satisfied, It needed red. Why? Because Christmas, that's why!

So grabbed out my $2 deep red Rubi nail varnish and some Revlon top coat for the glitter nails (as the glitter was a bit flaky) and got painting. The nails I used for majority of my fingers are the Nailene $15 nails, that come in a pack of 200.

So here I present to you the finished look!

I am very happy with how it all turned out.

This just shows you don't need to spend a lot of money for an awesome result!
Hope you liked it and let me know if you gave it a try, or you also have some cute festive nails going on.

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