"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

Exploring The Botanic Gardens.

Today was divine. I met up in the city with some good friends to exchange gifts for christmas. We had a lovely lunch at Two-Bit-Villains and wandered mindlessly around Rundle mall for a while then down Rundle street admiring all the clothing and home-wares we couldn't quite afford. We then abruptly decided it might be a nice idea to do some exploring in the Botanic Gardens and to sit down and enjoy the serenity.

I took so many photos, of flowers, architecture and of course plants! 
Thought I would share my favourite photos from the day, hope you like them too.

We had decided to spend only $20 on each other, so we each chose two products from lush and then used the left over money to buy little treats.

There is me being overjoyed about new lush bath bombs, a candle and whizz fizz.

Also just in case anyone was wondering my peplum top is from temt and was $6.95, my pants were also from temt and were $10 and my shoes were from Kmart for $12


  1. Beautiful photos Nicole! Looks like it was a lovely day xx


    1. Thankyou!! :) x
      I'm so glad you are blogging again, I remember looking at your blog a year ago and feeling motivated to make my own! haha

    2. Hahah, I'm glad that you've started blogging! It'll keep me motivated to continue with mine.xx

  2. Great photos! You really have an eye for picture taking! x