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Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where you gooo! (You can't honestly tell me you didn't sing that) I am incredibly excited for Christmas! 

The adorable Santa mug that is perfect for my festive spiced herbal teas was only $5 from Coles and the equally as adorable Ginger bread man socks were from Kmart for $2.50.

I have been absolutely loving all the lush Christmas products, I love anything that smells like gingerbread and spices, so I could not resist buying myself the melting snowman (pictured above) for a little christmas treat. I also know that my sister has bought me a ton of lush stuff for christmas (including Holly Golightly! so excited) and so have my friends so I will definitely do a post and maybe a review on each one once Christmas has passed.

Cheap decorating ideas!!

I bought the giant red bauble place-mat with all intention of using it on the table under hot foods for christmas dinner, But the blank space on my wall had been annoying me for several days so when I got home with the place-mat I decided it would make a perfect wall decoration, and for only $2 from Kmart!!

When I was out shopping I made a list of things that I needed and LED string lights to replace my other lights were on the top of my list. Before the new lights I was using the lights from my Typo lanterns, the only problem with them is that they would get really really hot and I was slightly worried about the fire risk especially as the weather gets warmer and I also wasn't sure if they would burn or melt the tinsel. the LED lights were only $7 from Kmart.

I think the silver Tinsel was $5 also from Kmart.

The super adorable red and green bunting was also from Kmart (no surprises there) And for one length (14 flags) they only cost me $2.50! 

The flower light in the picture is from Ikea, not sure of the price as I got it many years ago. Red and white beanie is from Spotlight and the lovely decoration hanging in the middle was a gift.

Kmart would have to be my favourite store for affordable everything! They have great home-wares, clothing, accessories, sports gear, everything!

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