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7 Current skincare favourites from Nutrimetics.

I am a massive fan of the skincare and makeup brand Nutrimetics. Nutrimetics has been around for almost 50 years and I have been purchasing their products for about 3 years. I have been to 3 of their Christmas launches (Best thing ever!) and a dozen parties. I would say I probably own around 50 or more Nutrimetics products, (no regrets).

I have decided to share and recommend 7 of my favourite Nutrimetics products in their skincare category.

1. By the Shore, Body Lotion and Body Wash
When Nutrimetics announced their new by the shore range at their Christmas launch a couple years ago I was ecstatic especially after they revealed that we were also going to get the body lotion and wash to take home for free in our goodie bags! I was very curious as to what an oceanic fragrance would smell like and I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to have a sniff and a try of the products. They both smell very fresh, perfect for summer. Recently in the sale brochure the By the Shore range was back, and for sale! I expressed my love for these products in front of my mother who then noted that down as a christmas present (thanks mum). I cannot wait to use these again, Whilst the weather is warm.

2. Botanicals, Foam Fresh Cleanser Toner
A cleanser and toner combined into one! perfect for the lazy! (aka me). I have previously used the Hydrafinity skincare set from Nutrimetics, which included a cleanser, toner and moisturiser but decided to abandon that routine for a much quick and easier (and a lot cheaper) one with their Foam Fresh cleanser/ toner in the scent fresh apple. I use this product twice a day, in the morning and before bed. It comes out as a foam which is super easy to massage onto your skin. 

3. Nutri-rich Oil
Ah Nutri- rich oil, so magical its even used on burns in some hospitals. Seriously though this stuff is amazing, its like super duper ultra hydrating moisturiser! In the larger container pictured is their regular oil which is a quite thick consistency and is more heavy and oily (perfect for an overnight face moisturiser and lip balm) and in the itty bitty container is the free sample of the new formula I got at the 2014 Christmas launch. The new formula is much lighter and glides on your skin perfectly and also soaks into your skin a lot quicker leaving your skin soft rather than oily. I personally don't use this product on my face often as I suffer from quite oily skin, However Nutri-rich Oil is absolutely perfect for putting on scars and stretch marks to fade them.

4. Nutri- Spa, Recharging Hydration Mist
Along with the Hydration mist came the hand scrub and hand cream (which I don't use very often). This body mist is formulated with Ruby (how cool is that!) which is also know as the "energy" mineral, it leaves you skin feeling refreshed, renewed and energised. It is also incredibly relaxing and smells amazing. I spritz this on my face whenever I want to feel refreshed.

5. Ultra Care+, Lip Apeel
This happens to be the first Nutrimetics product I ever tried, at the first party I attended the consultant went around giving us all a small portion of the lip peel paste to spread over our lips (looks a bit silly). Then once the paste has dried you scrub it of with a flannel or face wipe, and apply the lip balm. It does make your lips tingle a little bit, due to the exfoliation of the skin. Every time my lips get a bit dry or cracked this is the first thing I reach for, solves the problem every single time.

6. Nutri-rich, Moisturising Body Satin
This is probably Nutrimetics most popular and most sold product also known as "sex in a can". It smells beyond amazing and just coats your skin with a layer of beautiful shimmer and glow. Perfect for spraying on if you forgot to put on body moisturiser and don't have much time.

7. Nutri-rich, Instant Radiance Beauty Balm
I obtained this product as part of the goodie bag for the 2014 Christmas launch and fell in love with it after the first time I used it! I use it on my face every night before I go to bed, It smells delicious and is so moisturising and nourishing. I plan to purchase a new one when I run out, however I will need to save up for a bit or keep an eye out for sales as this product costs approximately $50 (totally worth it though).

Leave a comment if you have tried any Nutrimetics products, and what your faves are!


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