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Early Australia Day Festivities!

Having an Australia day get together has been a tradition with my primary school friends for quite a few years now and this year was the first year it was held at my house! (due to pool)

The temperature reached a lovely 31℃. Perfect for swimming!
With a pool float doughnut, bought online from Urban Outfitters and an Australia flag beach ball we spent the afternoon swimming around, playing Marco polo, playing volleyball in the pool, eating food, and chatting away.

We all pre organise what we are bringing food wise, so we have a nice array of snacks and other food. Someone usually brings a fruit platter, drinks, salads, more fruit, some meat for the BBQ (3/6 of us are vegetarians), dips and crackers, hot chips, and whatever else.

This party also gave me the opportunity to whip out the cute little milk bottle style glasses that I bought from Ikea to use at my 17th birthday.

Here's a nice close up of the salad that I made, All it is, is baby spinach leaves, rocket leaves, carrot, tomato and an Avocado dressing (Avocado, Olive oil, lemon juice and a little water to create the perfect consistency). Super healthy!! (and delicious, in my opinion)

I think the first Australia Day party we had was just before we were all starting at high school and wanted to have one last get together, because we were not going to be able to see each other often as we would be attending different schools. Ever since then it has just been a tradition and now they are all starting year 12 soon! (Good luck!!)

It was an absolutely lovely day, these girls never fail to make me laugh (especially Claudia).

Also 3rd from the left is Tori, and I think you should definitely check out her blog!

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  1. Aw, it was such a lovely day. I think that this year was our best Australia Day yet! xx