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*FREE* 2015 printable Calendar!!

Hey there! 
A couple days ago I got super duper bored and decided to download some cute fonts and design my own calendar (so spontaneous). I personally like to have a calendar on my wall in my room that is easy to write down important things like birthdays, appointments and stuff like that so it is literally right there and easy to check to make sure you don't miss or forget anything. So this year I thought I would get creative and design my own super cute calendar!

Email me at: nicole43heath@gmail.com
For a free pdf copy!

I went for a very simplistic style, with minimal colour on each page to make printing a little easier and cheaper (my dad would be so mad if I printed like a whole page of colour!, not to mention 12 of them). Each month features a different flower/ plant picture and they all have the same cute bunting style writing for the Month name. The four colours are repeated throughout the calendar as I really couldn't be bothered having a different colour for each month.The Calendar includes a few worldwide holidays on them, mostly just the ones that I would celebrate (Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, etc.).

Here are a few different ways of displaying or using your calendar!
Use some twine to make it easy
to hang the calendar from a
hook and tear away each
page once the month is over.
Use a strong thread (I used a leather one)
to make 2 loops so that you can fold
each page to the back once over.
Punch holes in the side of the calendar
and use ribbon to create a book.
Punch holes at the top and use some
ribbon to tie the pages together
and rip away each month once
 they are over.

I decided to hang my calendar by blu-tacking the pages to my wall so that all the pages were on display, as I was halfway through sticking them on I took a step back and decided that the white paper did not contrast well with my white walls so I took them down and came up with a better idea. That being to first blu-tack them all down on some brown craft paper (that I bought for christmas present wrapping from Kmart for $5) and then Stick it up on my wall like a huge poster. And I personally think it looks pretty damn good!

Let me know what you think! and maybe next year I will create a few different designs! 

Email me at: nicole43heath@gmail.com 
if you would like a free pdf copy of the Calendar!