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Hello 2015!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!
It feels absolutely unreal that it is 2015 already, I swear it was only 2009 yesterday.

I really did mean to write a post a lot earlier (approx 8 days ago) but on boxing day I went away to Edithburgh with my boyfriend and his family for almost two weeks (lots of pics coming soon!!) and had very minimal internet access so uploading anything was not quite possible. 

 Just like every New year here comes all the new year, new me goals and plans.
I personally don't usually tend to make a ton of goals for the new year as I have never quite had enough freedom to do so, however this time I thought I should make some notes of things I plan/want to achieve in the year.

Figure out what i'm doing with my life
Yes let us talk about my study dilemma, I am currently awaiting any confirmation of my enrolment at TAFE to study Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, however I have had a change of passion (gasps) I have now decided that my dream is to pursue a career in Floristry, or horticulture and defer from the Diploma. My family is struggling to see where this idea and passion came from, as to them it came out of no where but who would seriously prefer to wipe childrens bums and plan meals over arranging flowers in beautiful colours and delivering happiness to people. I have done some work placement in a childcare centre and I did enjoy the time I spent there, however being stuck in a repetitive monotonous routine day in, day out really does not appeal to me. I want to create beautiful things and inspire others to do the same, I need adventure, diversity and new challenges every day. So to me its clear, This is what I want to do but unfortunately to take part in courses to gain the appropriate qualifications is going to cost me well over $3000, and the opposing diploma is free. Do you see my dilemma? Perhaps Certificate II in Horticulture is the way to go? considering it is fee free and at a campus that will be quite easy to get to... I will find a way to make this work. (Advice would be appreciated!)

Read more
Whilst I was away I found an old copy of a Frankie magazine from 2012 and fell in love with it, I read every article and every page and just loved taking in every word and the feeling of inspiration it gave me. I then also purchased the latest yen magazine and once again read every single word throughout the entire magazine, I became lost in articles about festivals and adventures and inspired by the stories of people following their dreams.Therefore I plan to read more, this will most likely be magazines but I also plan to purchase or borrow books about flowers, floristry, and other interests I may gain over time.

Shop less, Save more
I will admit, I am definitely a bit of a shopaholic. I don't think I ever go to crazy spending lots on singular items, I do however impulsively buy lots of cheap small things and clothing items. I'm a sucker for clothing basics and home wares. So I have decided to make it my goal to no longer go shopping for clothes, etc. and instead save my money for more important things.

Create more
In conjunction with the goal above of spending less money on clothing my plan is to instead seek out cheap fabrics and patterns to make and create my own clothing (note to self, buy a book on sewing, seams in particular). So we will see how this turns out! I will definitely do blog posts on the successful garments and how I made them.

Take more photos
The more photos I take the more blog posts I will have to write, am I right? So often have I done something blog post worthy and just not taken photos, due to either forgetting or procrastinating and telling myself I will take them in a few minutes (clearly it just doesn't happen). I must make a conscious effort to take more photos, of adventures, people and things that make me happy.

Find a reason to smile/be happy everyday
I feel as if everyone should do this, focus more on the things that make you smile and fill you with happiness instead of falling to sleep at night thinking of all the bad things you have ever had to encounter. Each day I am going to pin point at least one thing that has made me smile in the day, I might even write some of them down to read when i'm upset or my day is not quite going right.

Keep things organised and tidy
I'm really good at cleaning my room and then telling myself it will never get like that again..... until about 2 days later when I cant figure out what to wear and everything is back on the floor again. I know i'm not the only one! This year I am going to organise my life, I will get my desk, wardrobe, bed, everything neat and tidy and keep it that way. Because its just too hard to have a clear mind in a cluttered, messy space. Clear space = clear mind.

Eat better, exercise more
Ah the inevitable new years resolution to get fit and lose weight, i'm pretty sure everyone has thought this at least once in their life. Well for me this year its not going to be about losing weight it is going to be about eating clean, healthy foods and exercising at least 3 times a week.

More adventures
I want to discover new places, secret beaches, cute cafes and get lost in the state that I am lucky enough to live in. It costs nothing to roam around the botanic gardens and trek around the city streets, These are the kind of adventures I mean. Unfortunately I am not financially stable enough to go gallivanting overseas or even interstate but I will happily settle with discovering beautiful scenery, locally. (will take photos of course)

Write more and Post more
Well this goal was probably quite easy to predict, I promise you there will be a lot more posts to come. Some of the types of posts to expect are:
DIY clothing
Product Reviews
Beauty related posts
OOTD (outfit of the day)
**Comment any suggestions you have**

Thankyou for reading, If you feel like leaving a comment please do and also leave your blog address if you would like and I will check it out for sure!


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