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January Favourites.

It has come to the end of the month and I have compiled together a few miscellaneous things that I have been loving throughout January!

Kmart Pressed Powder

I really love that this mineral pressed powder is made in Australia, therefore made to suit the Australian climate better. It is extremely affordable (Only costs around $8) and does the job perfectly. I use this on a daily basis as a light coverage. (Shade: Natural)

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Just this month I re-discovered my Body Shop shimmer cubes that I bought around 3 years ago (not sure if they still sell them!) They are four little eye shadow cubes that are super pigmented and really easy to blend. I have the 07 palette, which has the four shades ruby, dusted sliver, argyle pink and rich bronze.

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

I got this along with a set for christmas, and I carry it in my bag with me everywhere! It is the perfect size, and smells amazing. 

Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter

I am one of those people that gets seriously panicked if I leave the house without having a lip balm with me (and a bottle of water). I love the shape of these lip butters as you can put them in your pocket or bag without them being super intruding like regular twist ones. It smells amazing, tastes delicious and moisturises my lips perfectly. (cost around $2)

Kmart Ceramic Cups

Can we just appreciate how freaking awesome these cups are! They are styled to look obviously like slightly crumpled plastic cups but instead are ceramic, dishwasher safe and hot drink friendly cups! They come in multiple different colours and usually cost around $5. I have been admiring them for quite a while now and only recently they went on sale for $1! So of course I had to get some, I only got two and it was a pretty tough choice whether to get blue,red or beige. Clearly I chose the blue! 

Qi Detox Green Tea

Not really a home-ware as such but this tea has been my go to tea all month, it is incredibly refreshing. If you want to know more or see what other teas I have been loving have a look at my blog post: Tea Collection- Current Favourites!

George Foreman Mix and Go

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Seriously this is my absolute favourite kitchen appliance I have ever used! My parents bought this for christmas for me and my sister to use, and I have already used it so much this month! I make smoothies (Like this one: Healthy Vegan Banana Milkshake Recipe!), Slushies, pancake mixture and it blends everything to perfection! 10/10 Recommend!

Fig and Papaya Candle & Blackcurrant and Plum Candle

Both these candles are purchased from Kmart (You probably think that is the only place I shop, and you are probably right). They both smell super sweet and summery. I also cant wait to re-use the cute jars when the candle is finished, and the candles were only $1 each! So cheap! (This is why I love Kmart!)

Yen magazine (issues 73 & 74) The Festival Issue and The Adventure Issue

These are the first Yen magazines I have ever read and I think it is the start of a very wonderful addiction. I don't often read books, magazines just come across as a lot more appealing to me. However as a new years resolution I do plan to read more. But anyway the magazines are absolutely perfect, they have enticing beautiful matte pages and stunning photography and artwork. I find myself getting lost within the stories of adventures, dreams, and ideas. I am constantly waiting for the next issue to be released.

Let me know if you would like to see more monthly favourites (or not), and anything else you would like to see on my blog! Feedback always needed and appreciated! xx

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