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Tea Collection- Current Favourites!

Twinings Pure Green Tea

I can safely say that green tea will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my go-to tea when I cant decide what to have, Its refreshing, cleansing and always seems to soothe me. Especially if I am feeling a little sickly, Green tea always manages to calm my stomach. When I'm not in the mood for crazy flavours and spices, a nice cup of pure green tea is always super appealing.

Higher Living, Cinnamon Organic Herb Infusion

"This hot, sweet cinnamon infusion combines aromatic cinnamon and licorice with zesty citrus peel." Sounds delicious right? I have only had this tea a couple times as I only recently purchased it but I have definitely enjoyed it each time. It was a lot sweeter then I first expected and I wasn't quite sure as to whether I liked it but once I got used to the taste I began to quite enjoy it.

Nerada, Pure Organic Chai Tea

This tea is the most recent addition to my collection and I am even currently sipping on a steaming mug of some right now as I am writing this blog post! You are probably noticing a trend of cinnamon and spice teas, I am currently just loving the Chai and spice flavour! And it smells amazing! 

Higher Living, Green Chai Tea

Green tea+ Chai spices= Perfection. Seriously though this tea combines my two most favourite tea flavours into one ultra delicious and wonderful tea. I also just noticed I only have one bag left! Oh no, I must go and get some more! This tea would probably be included in my top three all time favourite teas. Definitely recommend trying it if you like Green tea and spices.

Governor's Estate, Cinnamint Herbal Infusion

First of all how catchy and cute does Cinnamint sound!(Cinnamon+Peppermint+Black Tea) How could I not have bought some with a name like that! This was the first tea I ever bought with cinnamon in it so I'm pretty sure this is the tea that started my Cinnamon and spice tea obsession. 

Qi, Organic Green Tea Detox

I am always attracted to any tea that contains green tea and other flavours, I just feel that green tea is a great base for Teas. This Qi (pronounced Chee) Tea is a beautiful blend of my beloved Green tea along with cleansing dandelion and the taste of ginger and citrus, among many other flavours. Perfect morning pick-me-up tea!

Governor's Estate, Soursop Green Tea

I think I am still quite torn with this tea, I have never had Soursop before so I really had no idea what this was going to taste like. I definitely would say it has a sweet and sour kind of taste mixed with the flavour of green tea. That's really the best way I can describe it! 

English Tea Shop, Calming Blend

Another tea with cinnamon in it! Surprised? (probably not) "A heady, calming blend of smooth licorice, sweet peppermint, aromatic cinnamon and intoxicating lavender". (how about those verbs used!)
This Tea is quite pleasant to drink, not really a first choice for me usually but I do enjoy it. I think the one flavour that confuses me is lavender, Not too sure I like the taste of lavender.


  1. I don't often like tea but I'd like to try these!

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  2. I wish I liked green tea. Maybe I need to just drink it. I adore chai, English Breakfast, & Earl Grey tea. Yum.

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    1. Have you tried maybe putting a little natural sweetener in the Green tea, So it still has all the benefits but not as bitter? x

    2. I have but I feel like it's cheating. Maybe it isn't. :]

    3. nooo, as long as you use something natural like honey, agave or stevia its all good :)

  3. oooooh these teas look amazing :D I am currently enjoying a nice Vanilla Tea

  4. I absolutely love tea! One of the best things in the world ☺

  5. I love tea but haven't tried any green or fruit teas before, think I should sometime! Great post x