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Woohoo we graduated! 
(Not from High School, if that's what you were thinking)

On Friday The 13th of February I attended the Marden Senior College (and open access college) Graduation ceremony and attained my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

We started the year with a positive mindset and what seemed like a massive class but when it came to the ceremony it was only me and Emily attending to receive our certificates (We weren't the only ones to finish, just the only ones at the ceremony).

I am incredibly proud of myself for completing the course, there were moments towards the end where I thought I may have to come back this year to finish, but I decided to just give it my all and push through the stress and struggle and get it done.

The day I handed in my last assignment and was told by my teachers that I was officially done, felt surreal. After a fair amount of units and over 200 hours of work placement I was finally finished.

The next step was to then of course enroll for the diploma for Early Childhood Education and Care at Tafe SA. Which I did do, but was not accepted. 

Causing me to be stuck in some sort of life limbo where I am not studying and have no real interest anymore in furthering my childcare career so instead am having to look for work.
But that's a bit off topic. So i'm just going to celebrate the fact I got through last year and came out smiling (more often than not).

Here is my Certificate and the Graduation schedule.

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Paper Scissors (filter makes it look more orange, its really bright yellow)
Shoes: Kmart (Can sort of see them in top picture)

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