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 Today I met up in the city with my friend Emily, after her orthodontist appointment (she got her plates out yay!). After a brief browse through Rundle Mall we set out in search for a nice cafe to get a drink and maybe some food at. 

We had originally decided to go to a place called Bambi's Kitchen (Mostly because it sounds adorable) but when we got there (after about 15 minutes of solid walking) It was super busy and crowded. There were no tables available so we decided to find somewhere else. However we will go back to Bambi's Kitchen for a coffee/hot chocolate another time.

Now came the challenge of finding another place without having to walk for ages! I whipped out my phone, went straight onto Google maps and searched for nearby cafes, It said that a cafe called Munooshi was just around the corner so we figured we may as well check it out.

And I am so glad we did! The first thing I noticed when we walked in there was the chalk board sign underneath the bench where the register was, that was advertising their fresh juices (Absolutely had to get one) and their counter display full of fresh fruits and vegetables! So enticing!. I also have to mention how incredibly friendly and helpful the staff there are!

The cafe is located at 36 East Terrace, Adelaide. It is a secluded little cafe with a middle eastern theme.

We sat outside, where they had a cute little garden around the side of the cafe with tables and plants and a red feature wall. Each table had a cute little (artificial) succulent.

I got the cc citrus juice (orange, carrot & lemon) and it was seriously one of the best fresh juices I have ever had! And Emily had the tropical juice.

To eat, we shared a falafel salad plate with some chicken as well, It was delicious (and extremely affordable!). The falafel had a little bite to it, and went perfectly with the olives and the hummus/tahini type mayonnaise served on the side. The salad was fresh, filling and just delicious!

The juice was so damn photogenic! (And as you can see we demolished that meal!)

Hat: Supre
Top: Cotton On
Skirt: American Apparel (most expensive item of clothing I own)
Boots: Rubi
Bracelet: Fifth Avenue
Sunnies: Kmart

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