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➳ Bath-bombs Of 2015 So Far.

Hey there! so for Christmas last year I received a fair amount of Lush bath-bombs and bubble bars (lucky me) , So I thought I would write a post and do a little review of each bath-bomb I have used so far and post my pretty pictures of them!
Phoenix Rising

This bath-bomb had such a strong smell of jasmine (super relaxing) , and such a pretty purple colour. The only negative I found with this one is that it left quite an oily residue on my skin, but apart from that I loved it.

Lord Of Misrule

I was actually lucky enough to get two of these for christmas! And I still have one left to use (yayyy). I absolutely loved Lord of misrule, the colours are so pretty and leaves your bath water a deep pink/red wine type colour. The fragrance was fresh and sweet and I would definitely purchase this one again.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights was probably the bath-bomb I was most excited to use (unfortunately it broke inside the packaging, good thing it still works the same). Because it was broken I was actually able to see what colours were on the inside. This bath-bomb turned my tub into a work of art complete with tiny white stars floating around. It smelt amazing, words could not describe. I hope they bring this one out again because I will be getting one for sure!

Golden Wonder

I was not at all expecting the colours that came from this one, deep blues, emerald green and pale pink came from the white and glittered gold shell. This bath-bomb was massive so I suppose I was slightly expecting (hoping for) something spectacular. And I was not let down. Definitely recommend giving this one a try, If they have it again this year. 

Father Christmas

When I popped this bath-bomb in the bath there was no part of my mind that was expecting to see the colour that came pouring out. It starts out as a pale red and white bath bomb, then unexpectedly an almost neon green started pouring out from inside and left my bath looking like lime flavoured jelly! It wasn't my favourite scent (a bit of a sickly sweet smell), however it wasn't too unpleasant in any way.


To be completely honest I was kind of underwhelmed with this one. There were no surprising colours pouring from within, the scent was quite weak and plain and the water just ended up a pee yellow. It did however look like some cool yellow asteroid type thing whilst it was fizzing away.

Christmas eve, Holly Go'Lightly & Melted Snowman

These are the three bubble bars that I received for christmas (Gifted the snowman to myself). I have already used half of the Melted Snowman and the whole Christmas eve bubble bar (I accidentally dropped the whole thing in the bath whilst lighting my candles, oops). I have decided to save Holly Go'Lightly and the other half of the snowman for the colder months when I am sipping Chai tea in a bath that smells like spices (sounds like heaven to me).

Using the whole Christmas Eve bubble bar at once meant that there was an immense amount of jasmine scented bubbles! (Definitely not a bad thing). I have to note that my skin felt pretty good after this one too.

Hope you liked this post, Let me know if you tried any of these products!

*also I went into Lush the other day (In Australia) and they said that there was going to be a Christmas in July where they bring out all the warm Christmas scented products (I'm so excited!)*


  1. Oh my gosh, the first three are so pretty! I'm all excited about Christmas in July now. Gonna get myself a Lush birthday present.


  2. My favourite is definatly Pheonix Rising! I love the lavender smell and the lovely colour it turns your bath!

    Also I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!
    http://lychee-bubbles.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-versatile-blogger-awards.html x

    1. Phoenix rising is a nice one! :)

      Thankyou so much for nominating me! I will do a post tomorrow hopefully! :) xx

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