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➳ Clipsal 500 + ootd.

Near the beginning of this month was the Clipsal 500 Adelaide! (Sorry for not posting this sooner!) I always look forward to the Clipsal, exciting car races, loud sounds, awesome atmosphere (super overpriced food and drinks) and everything else the Clipsal has to offer! I didn't take too many photos as the first day I went (Didn't go on the Thursday) It was excruciatingly hot, it was also quite warm on the Saturday too. So all the photos were either taken on the Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. I hope you like them Anyway!

Our view from the Chicane Stand.

Admiring the Ferrari's (aka my future cars) 

the photo on the right is from the big V8 race on Sunday! (Go Scott McLaughlin!) It was seriously so stressful, So much action.

At the end of the last race everyone is able to walk down onto the track and head to the pits to see their favourite cars and check out the track. I went straight to my favourite race car drivers shed, in hope of actually seeing him (unfortunately did not). However after seeing his instagram post later I understand why he didn't come out, as he was very fatigued after the race as he didn't have water after lap 1 and lost his cool suit after lap 5! And had to be literally dragged out of the car (Poor Scotty).

Anyway in case you were interested the winner of race 3 was James Courtney (Holden), second was Shane Van Gisbergen (Also Holden), Third was Garth Tander (Another Holden!), Fourth was Jamie Whincup (of course Holden again) and fifth was Mark Winterbotton (Ford, for a change). 

Here's what I wore over the three days I was there.
(Left to Right)

Friday: Top from Jay jays, Shorts from Supre, Hat from Supre, Shoes from Kmart

Saturday: Dress from Temt, Hat from Boutique (brand is First Light), Shoes from Rubi

Sunday: Top from Holden Merchandise, Leggings/tights from Target, Shoes from rubi, Hat from Supre


  1. Great post! I love your outfits and your style is amazing! x