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➳ Day in the City for Emily's Birthday.

Yesterday I met my friend Emily in the city to celebrate her 20th birthday! (Shes so old omg, good thing she ages well)

We agreed to meet at 11:30, however I wanted to get her some flowers so instead got into the city at 10:30 (dedication right there) and walked all the way to the East End Flower Market to buy her some pretty flowers, But when I actually got there I noticed they had an awesome selection of succulents! Which obviously last a lot longer than flowers, so I picked out the prettiest one to give her.
You should definitely check out the "East End Flower Market" on Instagram (and of course my account as well) .

 I also gave her a Vanilla and Jasmine candle that I made myself and a Lush bath bomb (She shares my love for lush), I gave her the "Granny takes a dip" bath ballistic, which smells so damn good (seriously I need to go and get one for myself).

(Emily this is probably my favourite picture of you!)

We of course went to our favourite place for lunch, Two Bit Villains. I love this place so much, there's always new art to look at and the food is always delicious.

The flags they had hanging up were actually available for purchase (for $60) If they were a bit cheaper or If I had more money I think I would have been really tempted to get one!

We got the usual fries (they are such good value for $5) and I also got a choc-peanut vegan shake (actual best thing ever), and Emily got a strawberry shake.

Then of course we had to stop by Lush, and the best thing was that the Easter range literally came out Yesterday, so we got to see all the new stuff!

All the Easter stuff was amazing and I couldn't help myself and bought the Limited Edition Pot of Gold shower jelly. I've always been really interested by the shower jellies, and so I thought I would give one a go, this one smells amazing! (will probably make an appearance in my April favourites) I also plan on coming back to get the golden egg and one of the fluffy egg bath bombs.

We also had a browse through Myer and spent ages looking at shoes (Especially Kurt Geiger boots, ugh goals).

(I really want this plate!)

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