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➳ Dreams of dainty tattoos.

                              Some of my favourite pictures of tattoos off tumblr.
If I'm completely honest  (which I will always try to be) I absolutely adore cute, dainty and delicate looking tattoos. Especially ones that are messy or imperfect, they are my favourites. I love tattoos with depth behind them, where a simple shape or word could hold an endless supply of emotions, its all about perspective and imagination. I also think tattoos that happen impulsively   simply because you think something looks or sounds cute are pretty awesome too, like hey you like pizza so much you got it permanently added to your body,awesome, good for you!

I know everyone has different opinions about tattoos, and what they like and don't like. I know a lot of people talk about less job opportunities and plenty of judgement, But who really cares what anyone else thinks anyway as long as you haven't got something super offensive tattooed across your forehead, why does it matter.

If a quote you see on tumblr hits you hard and totally relates to everything you are about and you never want to forget the way you felt when you first read it, get it tattooed if that's what you want cause that's awesome! Or if you just really like flowers (I know I do) and want a tulip permanently placed on your skin, go for it! Its crazy that we have the ability to add things to our bodies, to become our own pieces of art.

I personally plan to get quite a few (heavily planned and thought out) tattoos (much to my parents disgust), they wont be obvious or offensive to the eye. They will be meaningful, delicate and hold significance to me. I don't particularly like tattoos that have colour or shading, or any other complicated techniques.Keep it simple.

Anyway this is all just my own opinions and preferences,if you like tattoos that's cool, if you don't that's cool too. I have no judgement.


  1. I agree with everything you said! I love dainty tattoos also and ones with meaning behind them...great post :)

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    1. :) I can't wait to get my first tattoo! thanks! xx

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with tattoos! I really want to get some but I don't know what they would be yet. All I know is that I want them to be something personal and not really big, just ones similar to what you've shown above! Just also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day.x


    1. Me too! The hardest part is choosing what to get a tattoo of!
      No need to thank me, You have a really good blog! Hope you have a lovely day too :) xx