"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

Exploring The Botanic Gardens Part 2.

Yesterday I caught up in the city with Emily, We did our usual browse through our favourite stores and stores we knew we couldn't afford anything in (Girls gotta dream). We then got some delicious fresh juice from Fresh Junction (I got orange and pineapple) and set off to the Botanic Gardens.

We found a shady spot near "The Garden Of Health" and sat down to chat and enjoy the last of our juices and our healthy packed lunches and snacks.

We had a look inside the "Palm House" which has a large collection of plants from the Island of Madagascar, inside the Glasshouse it is very warm to suit the plants growing there.

As you can probably tell I totally love taking photos of things with texture and pattern. So satisfying.

We wandered around the entire Garden, and discovered a lot of places we had never seen before.

All the pretty roses were out, they all smelled so lovey.

Of course we had to have a walk inside the "Bicentennial Conservatory".
The stunning curvilinear shape of the building is absolutely breathtaking.

As soon as we stepped inside, we noticed a sort of music playing through out. But as we walked we noticed speakers and plants, and discovered that the music was actually the plants "singing" or "speaking". We followed the instructions and put our hands on the leaves of the plant, and the plant actually slightly changed its sound along with the movement of our hands. Amazing. If you are in Adelaide I definitely suggest you go and check this out!

After looking through the "rainforest" we continued walking around aimlessly, gazing and taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really enjoy taking and editing lots of photos, I'm definitely no professional as I really just point and shoot, to snap photos of whatever I think is beautiful but I find perfection in imperfection so imperfect, rough photos are my favourites.