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➳ How I Do My Nails. (Easy & Affordable)

Hey! Does anyone else love having fresh nails but hate the price of acrylics and how thick and fake they look, or do you absolutely hate the process of waiting for varnish to dry, when you can't touch or do anything and they still get smudged no matter how hard you try! (ain't nobody got time for that).

So if you are anything like me on the topic of nails, then I have the perfect alternative.... Glue on nails! Super affordable, super easy, and they look amazing! Often people just assume they are my real nails (if I were to have super strong, long and perfect nails). I have been using glue-on nails for a couple years now, and would definitely recommend them as a cheaper alternative to acrylics. They last quite a few weeks for me, and if one falls off all you have to do is glue it back on! (Can't do that with acrylics) 

Keep reading if you want to know the steps I take to achieve flawless nails!

Nailene Full cover nails, 200 pack (Active square) - $15
Nailene Nail Glue (Comes with nails)
Nail file/buffer (also comes with nails)
Nail clippers
Nail Varnish
2 straws or pens
1 Small jar or container

Choose the Nails that fit your natural nail. (I seriously have the tiniest finger nails)

Using the Blu-tack stick the nails onto the (uber-cute) straws in order from thumb to pinky and make sure to leave ample room at the bottom. (You are probably very confused as to why you are blu-tacking fake nails to straws but do not worry I will explain in the next step).

Paint nails with varnish and stand straws in the jar for the nails to dry.
(Leave overnight, or wait a few hours until varnish is dry and will not smudge) 
I actually invented the using straws or pens method myself, the usual technique is to apply the nails and then paint them after as if they were your natural nails, however I wanted to remove the "waiting for them to dry" part and skip straight to the "strong perfect nails" part. (pretty good idea hey?)

Remove nails from straws and ensure all Blu-tack is removed. Then proceed to washing your hands (focus on nails), trimming your natural nails, pushing back your cuticles and lightly buffing your nails all in preparation to finally glue on the nails!

Yay! time to apply the nails! Do this by squeezing a small drop of glue on the underside of the nail and then press the nail over natural finger nail and hold for approximately 10 seconds, until the nail seems to be stuck on. The glue dries quite quickly but don't stress, many times I have dropped nails on the floor with glue on them and still had enough time to pick them up and put them on without the glue drying.

The last step is to file and shape the nails to your liking! (I just kept mine square this time)

All done!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what sort of posts you would like to see in the future!


  1. That nail polish colour is the bomb. Also, very smart sticking multiple nails on each straw. I usually have to find one pencil for each nail which takes up so much space.


    1. tbh it looks so much darker in person! (still pretty though) omg I was literally doing that when I first started using these nails aswell! xx