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➳ March Favourites.

Hey! I hope you all had a wonderful March!
Here are a few items and products that I have been loving through out the month.

Black Fedora

This has been my go to hat this month (especially on bad hair days), I feel as if it just ties my outfits together and keeps the sun off my face (Not recommended on windy days) I bought it from Supre for only $10 (on sale). 


I bought this purse also for $10 (not on sale) from a hat shop near the Adelaide Central Markets. I am obsessed with it! I love the bright colours and the gorgeous pattern!


This handbag was a bargain from Kmart for only $12, I think it was on sale. I had been on the lookout for a large black handbag that is able to hold papers and books, and everything else I carry on a daily basis and this one was just the right size and definitely the right price. (Click here to see my "Whats in my bag" post).
Nutrimetics Lip Apeel

As the days start to get colder, my lips tend to become dry, cracked and gross as! So this is my savior! (Click here to see my post more about this and other Nutrimetics products)

Thin Lizzy, Eye Liner

My friend Emily actually gave this to me to use on my eyebrows as it was a little too dark for hers and I have been loving it! I use the black end to create a soft winged look and the brown end to fill and enhance my brows! It glides on perfectly and come with a sharpener as well (score!). Thanks Emily! x

Tinted face moisturiser 

I bought this from Kmart not too long ago, and have used it every day so far and it is amazing! Much more coverage than I expected for a tinted moisturiser all I need is some of this, some concealer and translucent powder and that's my daily natural makeup done! It doesn't make my skin feel oily and it has 50+ SPF protection (Sunburn is not an option). And it only cost me around $10 (couldn't find the receipt to check!).
Brookfarm, Gluten Free Porrij

As soon as the weather starts getting cooler I have less Banana ice-cream for breakfast and more Porrij. I absolutely love the Brookfarm Gluten free porrij, I mix it with some plain rice flakes, soy milk and water and then top it with Mayvers super spread, pure maple syrup, chia seeds, cinnamon and of course slices of banana. How delicious does that sound?!

Avalanche, Divine drinking chocolate

I wanted to add this in because I think it is one of the best drinking chocolates I have ever used, In my opinion so much richer and delicious then the Cadburys drinking chocolate. It makes the perfect hot chocolate and is also gluten free (yay). I always have at least one hot chocolate a week!

Disclosure, Latch ft. Sam Smith

I know this song has been out for a while but I only just re discovered it and I cant get enough of it! (Absolutely adore Sam Smith, his voice is perfection).

Masterpiece, Jessie J

I'm pretty sure Jessie J has one of the best voices ever. I would love to go to her concert!

Shark In the Water, VV Brown

This song is super old but when I was about 13 I was obsessed with it! I listened to it again a while ago and can't stop, I am obsessed again! I can't explain why I like it so much, its just so catchy and uplifting. I also really want to do a cover of this for YouTube.

One Last Time, Ariana Grande

I just really like this song. (simple as that).

I'm sorry there weren't many favourites for March but I know for sure April is going to have tons!

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