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➳ What's In My Bag.

Hey there! I thought it may be a cool idea if I did a "What's in my bag" blog post because i'm sure you are all super interested as to what I carry around on my shoulder on a daily basis (probably not) and I'm too camera shy to actually make a video instead. 

To be honest though I really enjoy watching videos about what people have in their bags and I have been considering doing this post for ages now! (Literally since the beginning of this year) And obviously I was also inspired to get onto it after seeing Zoella's new video! So now seemed to be the perfect time as I also recently bought a new bag and purse so gotta show them off! (Honestly I rarely ever buy new bags and purses, I wait until the ones I have are literally falling apart and really gross and dirty).

The bag is from Kmart (Typical) and was only $12!! It of course not real leather (woo cruelty free) and has one big pocket with a small zip pocket and phone pocket. It also has one of those circle magnetic snap seal things at the top to keep it all together.

So here I have my phone (actually an empty case, because I have to use my phone to take these photos), My keys, the amazing Nivea Caramel cream lip butter, My tangled Sony headphones and my Tupperware drink bottle (I can't go anywhere without water!)

I also have some impulse perfume spray in the fragrance "sweet smile", My cute purple typo notebook that I carry with me everywhere just in case I have a great idea for a blog post, along with my pink pen and lastly I have my oh so pretty brand new purse that I bought from a hat and accessory store near the central markets (that I don't know the name of, sorry!).

In my little makeup bag (which was a gift, not sure where from) I have the essentials (In my opinion of course). Hand sanitiser if the first must have, I got this one called "Fresh & Fabulous" from Colette, which is actually a jewelry and bag store so I was very surprised to see this in there. I also have my cute biscuit shaped mirror that I think was bought from Morning glory and A little bottle of nail glue (Just in case one of my glue on nails decide to fall off)

I also have my mango scented Body Shop hand cream (Can't go anywhere without it!) and a little pot of Nutrimetics Nutri Rich oil as well as a Nutrimetics lipstick (this one is in the shade "Cerise") and as I have quite oily skin I always take my BYS translucent loose powder with me to do little touch ups when needed, and lastly I just have some bobby pins and a hair ties (typical girl necessities) and a nail file.
I also usually take some pocket tissues with me but I haven't bought any recently (and panadol as well, no headache is gonna stop this girl).

I hope you liked this post, and if you have any suggestions for future blog posts pretty please leave me a comment! If you do comment I will also check out your blog!

Also stay tuned as hopefully there will be a mini Autumn look-book type blog post coming soon! As well as a few what I eat in a day posts!

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