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➳ April Favourites.

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant, Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena 
Early this month I realised I was on my last bottle of deodorant (panic). So obviously it would be time to get some more, I have always stuck with the Dove deodorants because they just feel super nice on my skin because they have all that good moisturising cream and vitamin E and smell lovely. Especially this new scent, it smells incredibly sweet and fresh (which is of course what I look for in a deodorant).

Rubi Nail Varnish
This nail varnish cost me $2 (bargain!) and is in my opinion the perfect nail colour for Autumn. It is in the shade "Wine" and is a dark purple/Burgundy red wine colour and I have it on my nails right now!

LUSH- Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly
Anyone else get there hands on anything from the LUSH Easter range? I couldn't go past the delicious smelling, shimmery gold shower jelly (couldn't help myself with the golden egg either). I have never used a shower jelly before I got this one and was a little confused as to how it would work, but after using it for a solid month now I can say that I am very impressed.

 I cut the jelly into three slabs to make it easier to use and I am still on the first one! I can't get over how amazing it smells, on the packaging it says that this fragrance is one of the most exquisite and luxurious fragrances they have ever had. So quickly go and get one before they run out! (The Adelaide store still has a few left!)

CEDEL- Dry Shampoo
I bought this little saviour just before I went camping for Easter (I was predicting lots of bad hair days, and not a lot of hair washing). It was quite cheap around the $4 mark, and it certainly does the job. Now believe it or not but I had actually never used a dry shampoo before getting this one so I wasn't too sure what exactly to expect (hence why I didn't want too spend too much money on it either) But I can confirm that this one works just as I would expect any dry shampoo to work and is a great travel size. It also smells really fresh and nice (which is always a bonus).

After breaking my $2 Kmart sunnies for a second time and failing at super glueing them back together I realised it was finally time for me to head out and find a new (more stylish) pair of sunglasses. Which lead me to Temt (one of my favourite affordable clothing stores) where I found this glorious pair for only $12.95! Not as cheap as my Kmart ones but a lot more interesting to look at.

I have been in need of a watch for so long now, the hassle of having to check my phone every time I want to know whether its time for food yet was just getting way too inconvenient. So of course where would the first place that I would go to look for something good but still crazy cheap?, yep you guessed it Kmart, I picked up this simple white one for only $10! the toughest part was choosing out of black, white, or their array of bright colours. 

Form & Flux Candle
I came across this candle whilst at the "That Dapper Market" there was tons of different scents to choose from, but I couldn't stop picking up and smelling all the ginger bread ones! It smells exactly like sweet freshly baked ginger bread men straight out the oven (yumm). 

Yankee Candle Tarts Wax Melt- Merry Marshmallow
(Didn't manage to get a photo of this one) Emily gave this one to me and oh my goodness I love it so much, it smells exactly like a vanilla marshmallow! I hate to think that it will run out one day, especially since I burn it pretty much every day!

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
I borrowed this book from my local library after watching an Interview on YouTube with Alicia talking all about her book. I remember thinking what the hell she has a book! To be honest I've been a bit slack with my reading and have had this book for quite a while and I am not very far into it, but Just judging by what I have already read it is an amazing book and if you are interested in a Cruelty free/Vegan lifestyle at all I would definitely recommend giving it a read (as long as you have an open mind).

Yen, Create
"Don't Think, Just Do. Capture the Muse."
Ah Yen, my favourite magazine. I am always looking out for the next issue and checking their Instagram to find out when it comes out. This issue is all about artists and people who create things, whether its paper mache, paintings or photography its very inspiring.

Boohoo Jeans
When I was purchasing these I was quite unsure, as buying clothes online is not easy (for me at least) and its something I do not often do. I always struggle with sizing charts and hesitate on spending money ($40 is expensive for me). However when these jeans arrived in my mailbox I was already super excited and when I tried them on they fit absolutely perfectly! I was and still am amazed.

They are the Lara Super Skinny Indigo Acid Tube Jeans from Boohoo.com, I originally wanted the plain black version of these but they quickly ran out of my size forcing me to order these instead and I'm glad that I did. I acknowledge that I wear way too many monochrome outfits so these will be injecting a slight amount of colour into my Autumn and Winter outfits.

Let me also just put in that these are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn, I'm usually a leggings and long tops sorta gal in winter but due to the immense amount of crop tops I own I needed something high waisted that will enable me to still be able to wear said crop tops throughout the colder months and these jeans definitely met those requirements.

Let me know what you loved throughout April! x

➳ Instagram Diary, April 2015.

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Hey there, I hope you all had a bloody brilliant April. Wherever you are in the world! 

My month consisted of Camping, chocolate stashes, reading, delicious vegan food, more amazing vegan food, "That Dapper market", selfies, a road trip, Tennis coaching, stunning sunsets, outfit of the day's and fabulous mirror selfies (shameless)

Comment what your month consisted of!

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➳ Autumn Outfit of the Day, City Life.

Ventured into the city today in the chilly Autumn weather so I thought I would do a quick little post about my day and what I wore.

 I also have to mention the delicious iced chocolate I got today from the Coffee Spot in the Adelaide Arcade, I have only tried their iced latte before but I will definitely be coming back for their signature iced chocolate! It is super yummy and the best part is they don't charge extra for Soy-milk! (How awesome is that!)


 My Coat was second hand, Scarf from Cotton On, Shirt from Temt, Leggings from Target, Boots from Rubi, Jewellery from Lovisa, Nail varnish from Rubi and my Bag is from Kmart (there has to be something from Kmart!).

Craving that city life...

For some reason I have always loved the city. Maybe its the way everything is so big and everything moves so fast or how there are a million different types of people and different styles to admire, maybe its the fresh flowers down Rundle mall or the cute cafĂ©'s hidden throughout the streets. Maybe its the adventure in finding some place new, when you thought you'd seen all the city had to offer. Or maybe its all of those things and more.

Its really quite hard to pin point why I adore spending the day in the city so much, maybe its all about who I spend my time with? I mean its always more fun when you go with a friend and luckily Emily loves the city just as much as I do. So as usual we got a little bit lost and found some pretty cool places, It was a nice day that's for sure.

Tomorrow I will be posting my April Favourites (this month went so quickly!) and my April Instagram diary!

➳ On the way to Edithburgh.

Warning, this blog post contains an immense amount of the colour blue. Seriously taking photos of the sky or the ocean is my absolute favourite thing.

Not long after camping at Easter me and Callan headed up to his family shack at Edithburgh to stay for a couple of days whilst his family was there.

I didn't take many photos when we actually got there but I took quite a few on the way there and on the way back! So I decided to share them with you!

Off we go!

Our first stop was at Port Wakefield, we had some food, took photos, went to the toilet and headed off again.

Hey look its me!

This was our second stop on the way at Wool bay. The view was breathtaking.

So stunning!

After over 2 1/2 hours we finally arrived! (leg and butt cramps were definitely a thing)

Here is the view of the beach from the back of their Shack! 

One evening we went to the Garage Diner to have milkshakes,I had a soy milk spearmint milkshake and Callan had a chocolate soy one. They were super delicious and the best part was that they didn't charge extra for soy milk like most places do (yay!).

On our way home we stopped at this lookout. The weather was very gloomy the day we were heading back but luckily the rain stopped for a few minutes for me to take some photos and try to take a successful panorama (not something that happens regularly).

I had a wonderful time away, hope you enjoyed this post.

➳ Clayton Bay 2015.

Every year for the past couple of years my family head up to Clayton Bay for the Easter long weekend along with cousins and family friends.

We arrived on Thursday the 2nd and we usually all leave on the Monday after Easter Sunday, however this year just my family organised to stay a couple extra days, Leaving us as the only people in the entire caravan park (aka ghost town) apart from the caretakers.

I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to (due to the atrocious weather) but I suppose that leaves plenty more photo ideas for next year!

Hope you like them!

It took us a maximum of 2 hours to get to the caravan park (including the stop at salsas because their chips are to die for).

When we arrived (the night before these photos were taken) it was bloody freezing! and extremely windy! So setting up our little tents was a challenge, lucky there were five of us at this stage so it wasn't as difficult as it would have been with just two.

The first few days the weather was nice, during the day there wasn't much wind and the sun was out making the cold a little more bearable. 

On Sunday it was Easter! (chocolate yay) and as you can see in the picture I did quite well with my chocolate stash, I got the Sweet Williams Vegan Easter bunnies and Glutino Gluten free and vegan oreo cookies from my parents along with some fluffy socks and bubbles, I also got a bar of Sweet Williams chocolate from my Cousins and my favourite dark chocolate (Lindt) from Callan.

The night before everyone else left we all went to the playground. The sky looked stunning that evening.

Of course there has to be at least two mirror selfies included, the first one was taken on the Monday when the weather was really poopy and I had to borrow my dads rain coat (which was just slightly too large for me) to get to the toilets with out getting drenched in rain. The second selfie was taken before we went to Goolwa to go to the shops. As you can see I wore this beanie every day (best solution to bad hair days).

The weather actually got so bad Monday night that our little tent along with my sisters identical tent actually collapsed from the wind. Forcing us to pack them up along with our gazebo in the intense winds and rain (and freeze to death). Its safe to say that was my absolute least favourite part of the camping experience. Then came the dilemma of where we were actually going to sleep that night and the one following, we ended up in one of the rental caravans (with the worst interior decor ever). 

On our last day there the weather was finally okay enough for us to go for a walk and take some nice photos.

Photography by Callan. (Thankyouu)

I always look forward to camping at Easter time, Thanks for reading!