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➳ Clayton Bay 2015.

Every year for the past couple of years my family head up to Clayton Bay for the Easter long weekend along with cousins and family friends.

We arrived on Thursday the 2nd and we usually all leave on the Monday after Easter Sunday, however this year just my family organised to stay a couple extra days, Leaving us as the only people in the entire caravan park (aka ghost town) apart from the caretakers.

I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to (due to the atrocious weather) but I suppose that leaves plenty more photo ideas for next year!

Hope you like them!

It took us a maximum of 2 hours to get to the caravan park (including the stop at salsas because their chips are to die for).

When we arrived (the night before these photos were taken) it was bloody freezing! and extremely windy! So setting up our little tents was a challenge, lucky there were five of us at this stage so it wasn't as difficult as it would have been with just two.

The first few days the weather was nice, during the day there wasn't much wind and the sun was out making the cold a little more bearable. 

On Sunday it was Easter! (chocolate yay) and as you can see in the picture I did quite well with my chocolate stash, I got the Sweet Williams Vegan Easter bunnies and Glutino Gluten free and vegan oreo cookies from my parents along with some fluffy socks and bubbles, I also got a bar of Sweet Williams chocolate from my Cousins and my favourite dark chocolate (Lindt) from Callan.

The night before everyone else left we all went to the playground. The sky looked stunning that evening.

Of course there has to be at least two mirror selfies included, the first one was taken on the Monday when the weather was really poopy and I had to borrow my dads rain coat (which was just slightly too large for me) to get to the toilets with out getting drenched in rain. The second selfie was taken before we went to Goolwa to go to the shops. As you can see I wore this beanie every day (best solution to bad hair days).

The weather actually got so bad Monday night that our little tent along with my sisters identical tent actually collapsed from the wind. Forcing us to pack them up along with our gazebo in the intense winds and rain (and freeze to death). Its safe to say that was my absolute least favourite part of the camping experience. Then came the dilemma of where we were actually going to sleep that night and the one following, we ended up in one of the rental caravans (with the worst interior decor ever). 

On our last day there the weather was finally okay enough for us to go for a walk and take some nice photos.

Photography by Callan. (Thankyouu)

I always look forward to camping at Easter time, Thanks for reading!

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