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➳ Home Inspiration from Tumblr.

Hello, Hope you're all having a lovely day.

Since I am an absolute Tumblr addict and spend majority of my time scrolling down my dashboard (Literally hit post limit before it was even midday today). I thought I would do a post (probably end up being a little series, because I saved way too many photos) sharing my favourite home inspiration type pictures that I have come across whilst on tumblr. 

I decided to just focus this post on two aspects that I would love to have for my home, I decided on natural light (lots of windows) and Plants.

(Not sure of the source of each photo, got them all off tumblr)

Anyone else a sucker for huge windows, pretty views and immense amounts of natural lighting? Just imagine the views you would get of the sun setting or rising! (and think of all the potential amazing Instagram and tumblr photos).

Ideally I would love to have my office in front of a massive window, with a long timber desk and a stunning view. I couldn't think of a better place to get work done (or just stare mindlessly out the window), write blog posts and especially take photos for posts with all the perfect lighting!

(CLICK TO ENLARGE)(Not sure of the source of each photo, got them all off tumblr)

Why should you have plants in your home?? Well first of all plants make you happy (and not just because they're pretty and aesthetically pleasing) several studies show that having interior plants can reduce stress and improve overall well-being (sounds good to me). Plants can also reduce carbon dioxide, remove airborne contaminants and act as a humidifier (woo plants!). 

But I suppose plants and having natural lighting go hand in hand, and since my bedroom doesn't get much sun most plants can not survive in there (sad face). However when I am ready to leave home and find my own place having big windows allowing natural light and lots of REAL plants is extremely high on my list of criteria.

Hope you enjoyed this post (even just a little bit) and Feel free to follow me on Tumblr! 
(I promise I re-blog tons of pretty pictures)


  1. Great post! All these rooms are so nice, windows and natural light make such a huge difference! I really like your blog, I'm following you now on G+ and bloglovin. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch! :D


    1. Thanks :) I agree!
      I'm glad you like it, Followed you back! xx

  2. There is certainly nothing better than having plants and natural light in your home. It is very calming for both me and my wife to have a bunch of plants surrounding us along with a wide array of windows to let natural light into the house. Not only is it nice to have natural light, but it saves money.

    Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents