"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ Instagram Diary, May 2015.

Hi there! Hope your month was filled with wonderful things!

Mine was evidently filled with tons of food! (Seriously only just realising quite how many food pictures I posted this month). From Fresh fruits, to absolutely mouthwatering pancakes (I plan on posting my recipe soon!) to filling burgers. I have been completely loving living a vegan lifestyle and enjoying immense amounts of "Cruelty Free" food (mostly pancakes).

As you can see there are also a lot of pictures of or near my favourite plant in my backyard, and if I post a picture of myself it usually for some strange reason ends up sideways (I honestly don't know why I do this).

Anyway, If you want to, feel free to follow me on Instagram! (especially if you want to see more fabulous food) :

I would love it if you left a comment letting me know what your month consisted of! (ahh talk to me please) xx

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