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Hey! I recently bought a few Essence cosmetics products from Price line and decided I would do a little mini review of the products I decided to try. I only picked up a few of their products because I had never used this brand before so I didn't want to go all out and not end up liking them. But luckily the products are fabulous! (Will be buying more soon for sure) Also I believe that they do not test on animals and their products are Vegan (yay save the animals).

 Eyebrow Designer, 02 Brown

I am absolutely in love with this product! 100% featuring in my May favourites post!
I'm quite new to the whole "filling in my eyebrows" thing, so this was the first product I picked up because I figured that a pencil would be quite easy to use. Its super easy to glide on and incredibly blendable and forgiving (Which is great if you're a bit clumsy like me). I have been using this product pretty much everyday since I bought it and I definitely recommend getting one if you are on the lookout for a new brow pencil especially since they are only $3.05 each! 

Get Big Lashes, Volume Boost Mascara

Since running out of my favourite $7 Jordana mascara from Cheap as Chips I have been on the look out for a new decent mascara (that is also ridiculously cheap). Essence actually has quite a few different mascaras available and thankfully they have pictures of what the wands look like so you kind of know what to expect. I chose this one because I prefer the bristle type wands (Not the greatest description) rather than the plastic ones (if you know what I mean). I have used it plenty of times now and I really really like it! The formula is nice and build-able and it only cost me $4.70 (win!).

Long-lasting Lipstick, 04 On the Catwalk!

Choosing which colour Lipstick to get from their long-lasting collection was probably the toughest decision of my life (may be over exaggerating a little bit). But seriously they do have a lot of really nice shades, I ended up choosing this one because I have been looking for a sort of muted red/pink lipstick for a little while and this one appeared to be the perfect colour. I have already used it a handful of times, and I love that you can blend it so that it is sheer for everyday wear and also apply it quite thick for a dramatic colour. Their Lipsticks only cost $4.70 each and I will definitely be going back and picking up some more! (Maybe I will do a mini Essence haul post).

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