"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ June Favourites.

Apologies for not posting this yesterday, I wasn't able to take any photos until today due to cracking my phone screen so badly it wouldn't work. But it is all fixed now ($180 later) so here are my June favourites!

LUSH Bathbomb "Granny Takes a dip"
I fell in love with this psychedelic Bath-bomb when I bought one for Emily for her birthday and didn't actually buy one for myself at that point. And sadly when I returned days later to treat myself they were all sold out. But after visiting LUSH at-least once a week I finally managed to pick one of these up. It has to be one of my favourite LUSH scents, it smells of ginger spice, flowers and citrus (and makes your bathtub look like a piece of art).

 If you want to see what this bath-bomb looks like once it has hit the water check out my friend Marnie's blog post (tunamarnie.blogspot.com.au) as she has it in her Autumn favourites.

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip
This stuff is probably my favourite beauty purchase this year so far! (apart from my essence brow pencil, gotta keep those brows on point) I bought this for around $8, it is in the shade "Lilac Petal" which is a gorgeous pale pink colour that blends perfectly into your skin to illuminate and highlight your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and the inner corners of your eyes. Absolutely recommend trying this product!

Essence Matte Lipstick
After trying (and loving) my Essence "On the Catwalk" Lipstick, I didn't hesitate in adding another Essence Lipstick to my (very small) collection. I chose the shade 15 "Oh So Matt!" Which is a matte nude colour that applies nicely and lasts quite a while. A great go-to Lip colour for me.

English Tea Shop Detox Me Tea
I got this tea at the beginning of the month after already trying and loving the English Tea Shop's "slim me" and "energise me" teas. This tea is a warm combination of Peppermint, Spearmint, Elderflowers, Fenugreek and Rosemary. When I picked up this one I was craving a mint tea but with something a little more then just mint, and this one is perfect. 

Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea
I cant even explain how much I love this tea! First of all it smells like heaven, as you may know I love anything scented with spices so anything chai appeals to me. This tea is a caffeine free concoction of sweet organic vanilla pod along with cinnamon and ginger, it also contains fennel, cardamom and licorice. Seriously delicious and warming (I'm imagining a cup of this along with a spice scented LUSH bath, sounds like heaven right?).

Cotton On Sunglasses
I'm going to be honest (of course) I love sunglasses. They really can complete an outfit, however I am super picky and a little afraid to take risks (and I hate spending too much money) so when I came across these ones for only $5 could I really go wrong? Nope! They are pretty, comfortable and simple (they go with everything!). 

Target Backpack
I have been on the hunt for a simple (yet attractive and affordable) black backpack for way to long! Finally I found one! I picked this one up from Target on sale and it is perfect for me, its simple cotton with plastic-leather embellishments. I have been experiencing a pit of pain in my back recently (probably caused by atrocious posture and sitting at the computer for too long) and having a one shoulder bag seemed to be making it more uncomfortable so changing it to a backpack definitely puts a lot less stress on my back (and left shoulder).

Cotton On Body Bralettes
Hate wearing bras? I hear you! Bras suck, the wires dig in, its difficult to find the right size and they can be damn expensive! Well bralettes are the perfect solution (If your all about comfort). The Cotton On bralettes are super cute, super comfy and exceptionally affordable! They always have some on sale and I got all of these on sale for $5 or $10 each! (even full price at $15 they are super affordable).

And we have come to the end of another Monthly Favourites post! (well done on actually reading it all). I really do hope you all had a great month, I would love to hear about it! 

➳ Instagram Diary, June 2015.

Well it seems that we have come to the end of yet another month, I cant believe we are over half way through the year. 

As you can see from my Instagram feed, I eat a lot of pancakes (no shame). So my month obviously consisted of many pancake stacks, an abundance of fruit and some sunny Winter days.

I hope you all had a fabulous June. (And that you have an even better July)

If you want to, feel free to follow me on Instagram! (especially if you want to see a copious amount of food photos) :

➳ Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

Massive thank-you to Emma for nominating me! You should all for sure check out her blog, (trust me you'll love it) xx

  • Thank the fabulous blogger who nominated you, linking back to their blog.
  • Put the award logo on your blog. (made my own cause why not)
  • Answer the ten questions they have sent you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate as many people as you can/want to.
Questions from Emma:

1)  If you could go on any TV show, which would it be and why?
Friends for sure! Just because who wouldn't want to hang out at the Central Perk, drinking coffee made by Gunther with chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel! (Friends is like the only TV show I watch religiously)
2)  What is your favourite warm drink?
A creamy soy or almond milk rich hot chocolate if I'm craving something a little more indulgent or fancy herbal tea (I did a post ages ago with my tea collection check it out!)
3)  What is your guilty pleasure?
I have absolutely no idea! I tend to try not to feel guilty about anything that I enjoy.
4)  How do you want to spend your next birthday?
Well considering I'm turning 18 it would be expected for me to spend my birthday surrounded by a ton of alcohol and creating crazy drunken memories but in reality I just want to spend it with good friends, great food and hopefully pleasant weather.
5)  What are five things you cannot live without?
bananas, maple syrup, Instagram, flowers and music.
6)  What superpower would you want to have any why?
I would want the power to either breathe under water (how cool would that be!!) or talk to animals (yes, exactly like Eliza Thornberry).
7)  Where do you want your blog to be by the end of the year?
I honestly don't really know (no expectations, no disappointments). I think I would just want it to still just be in existence and to have interesting and quality content. (I do want to start making YouTube videos soon, so let me know if you would actually want to see tat!)
8)  If you could be given any car, what type would it be?
motorcycle (cause I'm bad-ass).
9)  What had been your worst hair experience?
I would have to say that putting Ombre in my hair was the worst hair experience I have ever had, the bleach absolutely killed my hair (probably because I did it myself from a box).
10)  What is the best piece of advice you've been given?
In my lifetime I have been given a fair amount of good advice but the one thing that I can think of right now is just being told to simply do my best not to really care what others think about me.

My questions:

1)  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you have?
2)  What is your favourite candle scent?
3)  When you were a kid what did you want to be?
4) What's something you never leave home without?
5)  What's one thing that made you smile today?
6) Do you believe in reincarnation?
7) How do you feel about public speaking?
8) If you had to learn a language of your choice, what would you choose?
9) Favourite summertime activity?
10) One talent you wish you had?

I nominate:

Tori - http://selfexplana-tori.blogspot.com.au/
Marnie - http://tunamarnie.blogspot.com.au/
Dana Geens - http://www.danageens.be/

➳ Adelaide Zoo Adventures.

Yesterday my sister and I decided to go to the Zoo for the day! 

The weather turned out to be wonderful and of course I took way to many photos! (Is there really such thing as too many though?)

Here's my Outfit Of the Day:
Sunglasses: Temt
Shirt: Ebay
Cardigan: Jay Jays
Leggings: Temt (They are fleece lined and so comfy!)
Boots: Rubi
Watch: Kmart
Bag: Equip (Brand is Ruby & Kit)

Cute otters being cute!
Still just being cute.
Animals that look like giant Guinea Pigs aka Capybaras (Spot them on the right)

Majestic Meerkats just keeping watch.

Cute little Golden Lion Tamarin crawling through its new overhead tunnel.
Lemurs straight from Madagascar (you can't honestly tell me you're not thinking of the movie now!)

Siamangs sitting on the rocks.

Me being tourist-ey with my Panda friends.
There is in fact a monkey in this tree. (White cheeked Gibbon)
A Siamang just hanging out. (Literally)
The Black Capped Lory before it proceeded to attack my sister and attempt to rip her earring out. (Whilst I just stood there and flailed my arms about panicking like a mad woman)
Little blue Penguins just hangin around.
The goat in the Children's Zoo that refused to be photogenic or just stay still for half a seccond.
The underwater viewing section in the Tiger enclosure that the Tigers never actually swim in.

Majestic Lioness (Couldn't take a photo of male because I was too scared he was going to spray on me).

Literally ended up taking more photos of plants then Animals.
I challenge you to find the Dusky Leaf Langer aka Spectacle Monkey in this picture.

What a wonderful way to conclude this post with a photo of me standing next to a giant Orang-utan finger.

'Twas a lovely day and I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!