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➳ OOTD- A Sunny Winter's Day In The City.

Hi, to all those lovely people who may be reading this (probably no one but if you are, you are lovely).

Today I spent yet another day in the city catching up with my friends Emily and Marnie, and yet again took photos of pretty things (well at least I think they are pretty). So I thought I would do a little post sharing my photos along with a little Outfit of the day (thanks for taking photos of me Emily!). 

I decided to dress mostly for comfort today (and warmth) hence the choice of a plain grey jumper and my super comfy high waisted jeans as well as injecting a bit of colour to my usual monochromatic outfits with my yellow button down top with a cute collar!

Sunglasses: Temt $13
Top: Valleygirl $10
Jumper: Kmart $7
Jeans: Boohoo $40
Boots: Rubi $50
Watch: Kmart $10
Bag: Kmart $12

Obviously a day spent in the city would not be complete without stopping by at LUSH and smelling every single bath bomb and chatting with all the lovely ladies who work there (they are seriously so nice).After spending a fair amount of time sniffing each product I decided to purchase the Rose Queen bath bomb which obviously smells of roses (and smells absolutely divine).

We also grabbed a juice from our favourite juice place (which has loyalty cards now yay!), Fresh Junction. I had my usual Junction Yellow which as you can see in the picture has orange and pineapple, but lately I have been enjoying adding ginger to it. Tastes absolutely sublime, that's what is so wonderful about this juice place its so customisable and you can add anything you want without affecting the price (thankfully).

Let me know if you like posts like this, or not. And let me know any ideas for future posts! (Pleasee I am in desperate need of inspiration)


  1. Omg love your style how you photograph!! so cute and I love Lush-products ahh
    follow for follow? x

    xx nora

    1. Thankyou so much! Lush is sooo good! :)
      sure thing! xx