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➳ The Flinders Street Market.

Hey! I feel like its been ages since I have done a blog post! (and I am very very sorry about that!). Last Saturday me and Callan went along to the Flinders Street Market in the city. Its a cute little market that runs every weekend Saturday and Sunday. Due to the pretty miserable weather it wasn't very busy and there weren't very many stalls but it was still nice! 

Does anyone else find that their mood is easily affected by the weather? When the suns shining and the air is warm I'm always more likely to be in the best mood and when its raining and a bit gloomy it brings me down a little (doing my best to not let the winter get me down though).

This is what the inside of the shed looks like, Its super cute with all the lanterns and bunting and posters on the walls! 

How awesome is that bike!

There were a couple of bric-a-brac type stalls with a lot of second hand/ vintage bits and bobs which we had a look through but nothing really stood out enough for us to purchase anything.

There was also a little clothing boutique stall for Delphic Boutique from which I decided to buy this gorgeous dress, the brand is Purple Ginger and it is designed in Australia. It is a beautiful mustard yellow colour (I honestly love anything yellow or mustard coloured) and the fabric is slightly shiny, the shoulders as well as the panel across the bottom of the dress are a chiffon material with a cute dainty pattern. (I have a feeling this will feature in a potential spring look-book so keep an eye out for that) It only cost me $15 as it was marked down from $40.

The sky looks super grey and gloomy but I look super happy in front of the fountain in Victoria Square! (my face looks hilarious, if you really want you can click the picture to see it bigger)

Of course when visiting the city you must make a trip to Two Bit Villains for some of their delicious fries. We got them to take-away and headed up to Jamaica Blue in the Myer centre to enjoy them with soy hot chocolate and a Chai latte for me. (soy Chai lattes are my current hot drink obsession)

Finally some blue skies appeared.

Outfit of the day.

Coat - Second Hand
Top - Cotton On
Scarf - Cotton On
Jeans - Temt (added rips myself)
Boots - Rubi

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