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➳ July Favourites.

Hellooooo everybody!

I am very sorry for the lack of posts in July, I PROMISE that there will be a lot more this Month!

Anyway here are a few things that I have loved throughout the month of July!

Maybelline Dream pure BB Cream
I have been thinking about trying a BB cream for a while now and towards the beginning of the month I decided to pick this one up as it was quite reasonably priced (around $12) and because it is made for people with oily skin (aka me). I have used it every day since and I love it, Its quite sheer but has enough coverage for everyday wear. It feels really light on your skin and blends well. (It does however smell a little weird).

Nutrimetics Defining Eye pencil
I have actually had this product for ages but forgot about it, I originally got it after seeing a YouTube video of someone lining their waterline with white eye-liner to make their eyes look bigger and because I have "almond shaped" eyes I wanted nothing more that to create an illusion of wider eyes (considering people used to weirdly tease me about my "squinty" eyes in primary school). I have recently just started using it again in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them.

Rubi Nail Enamel
Since I have this colour on my nails right now I thought I would add it to my favourites because I really do love having red nails! There is something so fierce and empowering about red nail polish, I don't really know what it is but I do like it.

Cotton on body Bralettes (again)
This obsession is costing me too much money! But they are so extremely comfortable and cute! Surprisingly I bought these three bralettes full price (say what!), I very rarely buy things that aren't on sale or ridiculously cheap but when I saw these ones I realised I NEEDED a basic black and basic white bralette and then I saw the blue one and fell in love with the colour (I couldn't just walk out without it!). They all cost me $15 each (which isn't too bad to be honest).

Ips Watch from Australian geographic store
(Do not ask me what Ips stands for) Finally something to inject a little colour into my outfits! well as much as I love everything about this watch the fact it has no numbers means it takes me just that little bit longer to actually read the time (hopefully the more I wear it the easier it will get).

Coles Simply Gluten Free Pasta
I am addicted to pasta! and since going vegan I can literally have pasta as much as I want! Recently I have been really enjoying this coles corn pasta from... coles (wow such surprise). The only ingredient in this pasta in cornflour! (kinda tastes like dorito's, but without all the salt).

Mayvers Hulled Tahini
Mayvers nut butters and spreads are my life! When I first went vegan I initially had Tahini as a sort of cheese replacement, so whenever I ate something that would normally have cheese on it I just used Tahini instead. Tahini is great to use instead of a butter or margarine, on pizza, in pasta or anything else really! It can be used for savoury or sweet! (If you like peanut butter, you will probably like Tahini).

Nerada Organic Chai Tea
My new obsession this month has been Chai lattes, however buying them at cafes with soymilk can get a little pricey so I attempted to make my own using these chai tea bags and it worked! Now I can have delicious Chai tea lattes whenever I want.

 Peppermint plant & Pot from Ikea
Since my little basil plant is dying (sad times) I decided to pick up this cute little peppermint plant from Ikea (it was only $2) and a little pot to go with it! (can't remember the price of the pot) Look how cute it is! (Hopefully I can keep it alive!).

Not a lot of favourites for July, but I can already predict more for august so stay tuned! xx

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