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➳ Outfit Of The Night - Tori's Birthday Dinner.

Thought I would share my outfit that I wore for Toris Birthday Dinner (Happy Birthday Tori!) at Sarah's sisters sustainable Cafe in semaphore. I really wish I had taken some photos of my dinner and dessert cause it was so delicious! For dinner I had a Gluten free, vegan burger that had aubergine, tofu, and other veggies and for dessert I had a gluten free, vegan orange marmalade cake (it was seriously so good).

Top: Temt (Yellow is my absolute favourite colour)
Jeans: Temt (Made knee rips myself)
Boots: Rubi
Bracelets: Thrifted


  1. Aww you look really pretty ! :) I hope she had a lovely birthday !

    I love your boots by the way <3

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  2. I love the outfit, especially the boots! It sounds like a fun birthday!