"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ That Dapper Market.

Hey! Hope you are having a lovely day/night. 

Last Sunday me and Callan went along to the "That Dapper Market". It is an Adelaide vintage and design market that will be popping up every couple of months.

I did initially intend to take tons of photos, however (please tell me i'm not the only one) when it comes to the time to actually take the photos I get easily put off by people staring or looking at me weird (I assume they are judging me) and I end up feeling incredibly self conscious (more than usual) and then feeling disappointed in myself after for not getting all the shots I would have liked to. 

I am however getting better in this situation and trying not to overthink things (trying not to assume everybody is judging me) because in most cases nobody really cares. 

Anyway I really hope you like the small amount of photos I did manage to take.

Finally the time we were all waiting for... food time (well it was the time I was waiting for). From Sweet Nectar raw and whole food desserts we got one of their Ferrero Rocher slices and it was delicious as well as being gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free! We also got two donuts from Happy Maple (one of the main reasons I wanted to attend the market) I chose maple "Chicken" (obviously not actual chicken) and berry blue. The donuts were also Gluten free and vegan! and lets not forget to mention just how freaking delicious they were! (ughh food porn).

I also purchased a candle from Luna & Luxe and a ring from The vintage Fox, I promise they will feature in future blog posts! (probably my August favourites).

The ring is absolutely gorgeous, but me being me I managed to break it only minutes after purchasing. But thankfully Callan being the amazing boyfriend he is, took the ring with him and fixed it and brought it back to me (he's a keeper) . So much Love. 


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  1. Oh my goodness this looks awesome! Would love to go to this market one day!! Em xx


    1. Well if you come to Adelaide we will go! :) x