"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ A Day of Summer.

Hiya! How are you all?

Last Sunday the smell of Spring and even Summer was in the air, and of course a beach trip was absolutely mandatory on a warm and comfortable 29° day.

After finishing work for the morning (Tennis Coaching) I fuelled up for the beach with some strawberry and raspberry banana ice cream (Literally just blend together those three ingredients with a lil' water) topped with chopped papaya! (my favourite fruit!) Super simple, sweet and refreshing. (not to mention healthy and vegan)

Around 2:00pm Me and Callan headed for the beach!

We packed some snacks of freshly baked (by me) vegan and Gluten free banana bread muffins, juicy oranges, and plain rice crackers.

I also brought some AquaBotanical water that I got from the Pure veg food and wine fair.
Hard to believe but this water was 100% made from fruit & vegetables! The batch they were selling at the fair was made from carrots! (it doesn't taste like carrots, by the way) It contains 74 essential plant minerals for wholesome living (sounds pretty good right?).

Hat is from Kmart.
Sunglasses are from Cotton on.

Something to always remember is to bring and wear sunscreen when going to the beach (or out in the sun anywhere) I use the Nutrimetics Sun Days SPF 50+ Lotion (Its currently on sale for only $26.90 for the big bottle!)

It is also very important to bring other sun safety items like a hat and sunglasses, I always wear a hat to the beach now because I have had my parting and scalp sun-burnt way to many times, and trust me it really hurts.

Play-suit is from MCL.

We also stopped by the Crystal Wave on the way home.

I bought two amethyst crystals that I will be using in some DIY's later on!

The first taste of Spring and Summer has me so excited! (its a shame the weather is back to being cold now). Hope you enjoyed this post, many more to come! 


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  1. You look STUNNING! Gawd that playsuit loos amazing! We've had the nicest weather in Tassie! Hoping it's nice like it has been because I want to go for a walk after class with some friends! Em xx


    1. Aw thankyou so much!! That's great! Its slowly getting nicer in Adelaide too haha :) Hope you had a nice walk! (assuming the weather was nice enough for it haha) xxx