"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ Fruit Feast at the Beach.

Hello all you beautiful people! (Seriously your stunning, don't doubt it).

Today was glorious! Spent the day at the beach with some of my favourite people, eating fruit, drinking coconut water in the shade of a big umbrella (Thanks Claudia).

A trip to the beach never fails to calm me. Always a chilled vibe, the sounds of the waves, families enjoying the sun and endless picnics.

Opening coconuts is a lot more difficult then people make it look (obviously its totally worth the struggle though). 

Successfully opened coconut! (sort of)

Our fruity feast included half a juicy watermelon with passion fruit (best combination) , super fresh oranges, strawberry papaya and of course bananas. (Sorry guys for forgetting the frozen grapes).

Just your typical drinking out of a coconut photo. (can someone please count how many times the word coconut appears in this post).

"Always try new things". 
For so long I was convinced I hated coconut water, turns out it tastes 100x better when you drink it straight out of the coconut not from a bottle. 

Jess's hat being way too photogenic.

After drinking all the coconut water its time to eat all the coconut meat! (good and good for you, however hard to get to).

Because we are obviously very mature adults, we decided to dig holes to stand in (It made sense why at the time).

Hey Nicole where did your legs go? (I swear Claudia did this too)

Full of happiness, if only the water was warmer so we could have gone swimming!

Outfit of the day:

Bikini - Cotton On.
Shirt - Jay Jays.
Shorts - Brand is Passion Fusion.
Hat - Cotton On.
Sunglasses (that I later on dropped and broke) - Cotton On.
Necklace - Kmart (surprisingly).


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