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➳ October Favourites.

 Hey there! I didn't really try a whole lot of new products or buy a lot of new things during October, so not a lot of favourites. I do however predict quite a few for November when I finally get around to trying everything I got for my Birthday! 

As soon as I saw these shoes I knew that no matter how much they cost (as long as it was under $100) I would not be walking out the shop without them. Lucky for me they were on sale so I think I saved around $10 or more. Score! They were perfect for my 18th birthday, now I just need to practice walking in them.

I'm almost certain I choose a new nail colour to be obsessed with each month, and October was no exception. I wore this pretty purple colour from Rubi, the shade is called "Purple Ash" It's simply just a washed out pale purple.

Before my 18th birthday a waterproof mascara was the top of my shopping list as I had a feeling I would be going swimming on my birthday and I still wanted to be able to have makeup on before hand for photos. This mascara works just like their Regular "Get Big lashes mascara" which I use on a regular basis.

Eye pencils aren't usually a beauty product I would use however for Halloween at work I needed to create a more dramatic and dark eye look so I picked this up from Target and it worked a treat (also great for drawing on a cat nose and whiskers, as well as darkening red lipstick). As I have said in previous posts essence products are cheap, cruelty free and work pretty well.

I have never been a lip-gloss fan (long hair + Wind + Lip gloss = nightmare) however this Lip-gloss that my friend Marnie (tunamarnie.blogspot.com.au) got me for my birthday is amazing! Its not sticky and gross, its vegan and cruelty free and the colour is gorgeous (In the shade "Flirt"). Also side note it smells freaking amazing and I feel like I have used it every day since my Birthday.

I had been in denial for way too long that I needed new running shoes. Finally I accepted the fact that I would have to spend more than $50 for some genuinely good quality (and long lasting) running shoes. I have now discovered that these shoes are 100% worth the money, wearing them feels like you are walking on clouds and I never want to take them off (good thing they are considered "fashionable" as well as practical).

This bath bomb is probably my favourite ever from Lush, I'll let their little explanation speak for itself.
"Tisty Tosty Weaves a magic love spell with a scent of precious rose and orris root. The fragrant rose is surrounded with mystery and legend: it is said to have come from the Great Garden of ancient Persia; and Cleopatra is rumoured to have seduced Anthony with it. Rose perfume is said to ease tension and stress and to give people happy, positive feelings. You'll smell the real rose absolute in Tisty Tosty as soon as it hits the water. Give one away to someone you love and use one on yourself. Either way, the Tisty Tosty works its magic spell."
Sounds incredible right?!

I thought I might just throw in at end that I was not paid or asked to promote any of these items or products (you probably didn't think so but i'm just making sure) I only talk about things that I genuinely like and use, and that will never change. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I was looking at those Nikes when I was looking for running shoes! I ended up get a pair from Adidas but I wish I could have a room dedicated to sports shoes - I love them! Also that is my FAVE Lush Bath Bomb! Was the first one I ever had and oh my goodness! Best bath ever haha Em xx


    1. I want to wear nothing but sport shoes!! So comfy! (if only they weren't so expensive) Omg It really is the best one from Lush, so calming and fragrant and I'm already planning to go back and get another one! :) xx