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➳ What to do when you're feeling Uninspired.

Ever have those days where you have a million things to do but you feel like doing nothing but lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling, contemplating life? Me too.

Here are some of the things that I personally do to combat that uninspired, unmotivated feeling.

Number one.
Go outside!

Go for a walk, sit in the sun (with sunscreen of course), do some yoga, just get some fresh air. Being inside all day often leaves me feeling lethargic, closed in and with a not so lovely headache, when this happens I know its time to take a little break and get out into nature.

Number two.
Eat some food!

No I don't mean heading straight for McDonald's to pick up a big mac with a side of fries, because is that really going to make you feel good? How about you whip up some pancakes, a smoothie or a bowl of porridge or even better some banana ice cream! (if the weather is warm enough for it) Top it with your favourite things, whether that be passion-fruit or peanut butter and Oreo's, just do it. Eat it slow and enjoy every mouthful.

Number three.
Get Organised!

Cluttered desk = Cluttered mind. For me this is so true, how could I possibly feel prepared to work on anything if my desk is a complete mess! If you can no longer see what colour your desk is, it is definitely time to organise and wipe down. You will honestly feel so much more motivated with a tidy work space. (Time to take my own advice I think).

Number four.
I know what your thinking, doing a workout is probably the last thing you feel like doing. However exercise doesn't just mean going to the gym or doing sit ups and going for a run. You can go fr a bike ride, a swim (My personal favourite option), have a private dance party (yeah I do this one too) , walk on the beach, just do something that is fun but still involves moving your body!

Number five.
Whether its throwing out that pair of shoes you haven't worn for three years or dropping a load of old clothes at the op-shop. Getting rid of things you don't need is detoxifying in a way, If you cant remember the last time you used or wore the item or it no longer brings you joy its probably time for it to go.

Number six.
Have a shower or bath!
Relax, wash your face, exfoliate your body, play music, light a candle and just completely unwind. (Lush bath bombs are also recommended).

Number seven.
Read or Write!
Whether you prefer to get lost in a book or take the time to record and gather  your thoughts. Learn about something, or make a list and plan for your week.

Number eight.
Visit your favourite place!
 Go to the beach, the Zoo, Museum or your favourite cafe, where ever you feel content and comfortable and truly happy.

Number nine.
Do something you love!
Whether that's singing, dancing, listening to your favourite song, talking to your loved ones, just do it!

Number ten.

Surround yourself with creative inspiring people and realise its okay to be unproductive sometimes!



  1. I love this post ! I like to eat raspberry sorbet when I'm feeling a bit unmotivated I don't know why but it always makes me feel refreshed ! When I'm stressed I really like to rearrange and tidy my bedroom and make it into a nice clean fresh place with new sheets on the bed and add some more fairy light hehe :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Ooh raspberry sorbet sounds delicious! I am currently obsessed with passion fruit sorbet! :) More fairy lights are the solution to pretty much anything haha :) x

  2. Loved the post! I do some of these things and it helps most of the time. Great tips. I'll have to try some of these I haven't before.