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➳ The best Vegan Donuts in Adelaide, That Dapper Market.

Once again myself and Callan went along to the "That Dapper Market" yesterday afternoon. I didn't take a whole lot of photos, mostly because I hate when people look at me whilst I take photos. It makes me feel way to uncomfortable, any tips on how to deal with this?

Here are the photos I did take, I hope you like them anyway, and get ready for way too many pictures of the Vegan and gluten free donuts.

Ah Luna & Luxe has some of the most amazing smelling candles, I walked away with a small "Christmas" Scented one which smells of cinnamon and orange.

And behold what we were all waiting for, the incredible Happy Maple Vegan, Gluten free and refined sugar free donuts! 

 These donuts were the main reason of us going to the Market. The flavours we got were Peanut Butter, Golden Yaytime (my personal favourite) and the super impressive looking one was a vanilla donut with biscuit crumbs, chocolate, strawberry jam type stuff (in the syringe) and a Dandies vegan marshmallow! First time trying a vegan marshmallow and it literally taste the exact same as a non-vegan one, you don't miss out on a thing being vegan!

Just seeing the photos of these donuts makes me crave them again. 



  1. Oh my goodness! I want to see this market so bad! I adore going to market and I'm always up for donuts and they look delicious! Maybe when I've finished and have more money hahaha although from the photos you've posted I'd be broke again because I'd want to buy everything! Em xx


  2. This look great ! :)
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  3. The donuts look delicious, and the place looks amazing!