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➳ December Favourites.

It always gets to this point in the year and I find myself thinking about how quickly the year has passed and how it feels as if it was only February yesterday. However the year is almost over, and it is almost time for a fresh new beginning (just like everybody says).

Anyway here are some things I loved during December and will continue to love in the new year.

American Apparel, Denim Skirt.
Expensive, yet an essential addition to my wardrobe. A basic good quality and well fitting denim skirt is something every girl must have.

Cotton On Body, Bralette.
The bralette addiction grows. Complete with mesh, lace, grey, stripes, a nice cutout and gold details. This bralette has been my go-to one throughout December, Its comfy, makes my boobs look great and was pretty affordable.

Lush, Lustre.
This stuff makes my skin glow! It smells incredible and feels extremely soft. It works as a highlight, light eyeshadow and all over body powder.

The Body Shop, Moringa Hand cream.
Received this for my birthday, and it has travelled everywhere with me in my handbag ever since (I have been completely neglecting my mango hand cream). It's the perfect travel size, smells fresh and keeps my hands soft.

Sally Hansen, Disco ball Nail Varnish.
I actually got given this for Christmas from some kids I teach tennis to, attached was a note saying "Teachers like you paint bright futures" (Seriously adorable). Turned out it was perfect for the festive season and I felt like I was 12 year old Nicole again (who trust me, was totally obsessed with glittery nails).

Lush, Rose Jam body wash.
I absolutely cannot get enough of this body wash! The scent is to die for (as long as you like the smell of roses) , however due to it being limited edition I am going to have to buy some more before it runs out! (So if you want some go to lush NOW).

Mantra Band.
I had been admiring Mantra Bands on Instagram for a while now, But hadn't quite been able to allow myself to actually get one (they're quite expensive). But I'm so glad I did get one! I wear it almost everyday, for a little positive reminder. I got the one that says "You are enough" in silver.

Luna & Luxe, Christmas Candle.
I got this candle at the last "That Dapper Market" and completely used it up on Christmas day! (Like not even over exaggerating, its gone) It was the perfect scent of Cinnamon and Orange and made the house smell incredibly festive and delicious.

Thank you so much for reading, Hope you all have a wonderful New Years! See you in 2016!



  1. Bralettes are quickly becoming one of my favourite things - they're so comfy and flattering!


    1. I now own more bralettes than actual bras! They really are incredibly comfy! x

  2. That candle sounds amazing! xx