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➳ Finally getting into the spirit, Christmas Outfit Inspiration.


No.1 by nicole-emily-heath featuring a merry christmas banner

Bralettes, hats, sandals and candles are just a few of my favourite things. Of course there has to be some festive red thrown in there too. Can we also just appreciate how cute that phone case is! (Why is there no cute ones for Sony phones?!). This outfit has a very bohemian vibe to it and I'm totally in love with it.


No.2 by nicole-emily-heath featuring a monogram mug

Okay first things first I really want that mug (added straight to the wish list) .This outfit is a little more laid back and chill, for a simple Christmas spent just hanging with your loved ones. Cute Christmas socks, comfy boots a subtle festive shirt and a basic button down denim skirt, what more could you want?


No.3 by nicole-emily-heath featuring christmas home decor

Pale pink, crisp white, Polaroids and bunting, everything girly and sweet. This outfit is a Little more dressy and delicate, perfect for a Christmas lunch or dinner. Also that Christmas bunting is freaking adorable, I think next year I'm going try and DIY something similar (of course I'll do a post on it too). 


No.4 by nicole-emily-heath featuring holiday decor

I want everything! I think is my favourite one, or maybe im as equally in love as with the first set, However I have a feeling that the only thing that I will be purchasing from this set will be the Kmart candle (the only thing within my budget). Though I am sure I will have dreams about this bralette as well as the one in the first set.

Thank you for reading! I do realise these outfits are definitely more suitable for Christmas in Australia (clearly that's where I am) as they are a little more Spring and summer suited. However I hope this inspired you a little where ever you are! 

Also feel free to follow me on Polyvore to see more sets like this! (I warn you, pretty much every outfit I create has a bralette or hat or both, sorry not sorry).




  1. These are so cute! I need to get back onto Polyvore more!! Used to create so many sets but I just haven't been feeling it :/ same with blogging which sucks but yeah! Em xx


    1. Thanks! Yeah I went off it for a while and have only just gotten back into making sets, now i'm going a bit crazy with it haha. Awh well you'll get back into it all soon, it's nice to take a little break sometimes xx