"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ Pancakes, Beach Walks and Fireworks.

Yesterday was Australia day so seeing as I didn't have to go to work I started my day with a nice (and well deserved in my opinion) sleep in, a coffee that tasted like caramel and some delicious fruity vegan/gluten free pancakes! (Let me know if you want a recipe for these).

In the afternoon Me and Mum went for a walk along the beach, it was really nice, the weather was warm but slightly overcast and It was just nice to walk and feel the sand and the breeze, watch families having fun and celebrating the country we are all so lucky to live in. And of course snapping away with my new fancy camera.

  We finished our walk at the Grange Jetty Cafe and had the best hot chips for lunch that I washed down with a refreshing lemon, lime & Bitters.

Looking at the ocean, even just photos makes me feel at peace. I cant quite describe it but I know a lot of others feel it too, there's just something that kind of draws you in.

In the evening Callan and I headed into the City to watch the Australia Day fireworks just like we have done for the last two Australia Days (and of course I took many photos). Here are my favourites.
Please let me know what you think of these sort of posts (What I get up to in a day, etc.) I really like editing photos and documenting my days so I kinda do hope you like it! 
Next post shall be my January Favourites, see you then!



  1. Oh my goodness I love your photos! They look awesome! My Australia Day wasn't that interesting but we had a few fire scares which kept our attention for the majority of the day :/ Tassie is being battered with fires, it's horrible :( also I love these types of posts! Love seeing what people do! And you're also making me want to visit Adelaide! Em xx


    1. aw Thanks! Oh no! Hope everything's okay! x
      I'm glad you like them, I'll probably be doing a lot more like this, omg it would be so good if you came to Adelaide! :) xx