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➳ Current Favourites. 🌹

Here are some products and things I have been loving as of current. All of the beauty products are Vegan and Cruelty free (and amazing of course) and as you can probably tell I have recently been loving everything rose scented. And if you do too then you are going to love this post!

Kiki K Rose Gold Pen.
Literally the most beautiful pen to write with.

Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez Persian Rose Natural Lip Balm.
Natural, delicious and extremely nourishing.

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon.
Smells exactly like the LUSH Rose Jam body wash, my favourite.

LUSH Imogen Rose Solid Perfume.
My favourite scent in the whole wide world.

Essano Rosehip Body Lotion.
Sweet smelling and a perfect moisturiser.

Typo Journal.
Such a good size and pretty colour (faux leather of course).

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked this post! (Please let me know what you think).

Not sure when the next post will be as I am going camping over Easter, I will most likely do a short post on my Camping necceseities/ Must haves before I leave and share my photos when I get back.

Hope you all have/ had a lovely day. x


  1. Nice Inspirations

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  2. Definitely some things here I need to try!

    Ruby x