"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ Exploring the Botanic Gardens yet again.

Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Yesterday, after an exhausting week of work I finally had a day off (and the beginning of a horrendous cold). So Callan and I spent the day at the Botanic Gardens, One of my favourite places to visit. As per usual I took photos of everything that caught my eye, and I do hope you like them (I'm really happy with how they all turned out).

Also you can click on any of the photos to see the full size image, and if anyone knows where I can get a new blogger theme with the option of having bigger photos please let me know!!

For lunch we went to Argo on the Parade, we had salted caramel (vegan, gluten free) waffles with caramelised banana and whipped coconut cream, and yes it tasted as good as it sounds and looks (absolutely incredible). We also had some hot chips/fries after which were also delicious.

It was such a nice day, spent with my favourite person. 

Thanks for reading, Hope you have/had a lovely day. x


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I can't believe that waffle is gluten-free... good stuff! Looks really delicious.

    Lisa Favre

    1. Sure did! Omg I know! It was incredible! xx

  2. The pics looks so so stunning!
    Jabeen x

  3. Love that place, very jealous

    Ruby x

    1. Probably my favourite place in Adelaide x