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➳ Nettle Raw Cafe, Living Vegan Nutrition.

A couple of weeks ago Callan and I went out for Brunch at a local vegan cafe, that I have been following on Instagram and wanting to go to for ages now! As expected I took way too many photos. Enjoy!

Raw, Vegan Snickers.

Of course we started off with a raw slice, which was incredibly delicious, the chocolate was the right amount of sweet and bitter and the filling and base were absolutely dreamy. I really need to re-create something like this asap! (If anyone has any recipes please let me know!).

Almond milk Chai Latte.

The most difficult decision is choosing whether to have almond, soy or coconut milk. (First world problems) However almond is always a winner, and I'm a sucker for a good (vegan) Chai latte. The perfect Winter drink.

Raw Banana & Coconut Pancakes.

Now when it came to the main meal, there were so many delicious sounding options to choose from, however I decided to try the raw pancakes! They were better then I could have ever imagined and I am already planning to go back for them again! there was maple syrup, tons of banana, peanut butter, some sort of creamy yogurt sauce and berries (all vegan, all gluten free and all completely irresistible).

Vegan Burger.

Callan went for a burger, which if my memory serves me correctly had some sort of quinoa, black bean patty, tons of veggies and avocado, as well as a side of kale chips.

What's your favourite brunch spot?

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