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These are some of my favourite photos that I took whilst on holiday in Melbourne with my Boyfriend (Callan) and his parents.

Even though we had donuts (from Doughnut time) on the last day I'm putting these photos first because eating these was honestly one of the best parts of the trip, they were beyond amazing. We got all three vegan Flavours they were offering, My favourite would have to have been the "Liam Hemsworthy" Which was red velvet with cookies and cream.

Waking up on the first morning was magical, Looking out the window of our hotel room and seeing five or so hot air balloons scattered throughout the sunrise was the perfect start to the day.

Here are some photos taken at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden show. It was very rainy and cold so I didn't get as many good photos as I would have liked, but these were my favourites.

This one was my absolute favourite Floral Display, It was called "Pink Rain". All the paper cranes were made of handwritten letters.

Scarf , Vintage ~ Shirt, Cotton On ~ Jacket, Thrifted ~ Jeans, Seed ~ Bag, Betts ~  )
Necklace, LayeredAndLong

My favourite part of the trip was spending a day walking around Fitzroy, Looking in little garden stores and admiring the street art.

We also had a little wander through the Rose Street Markets.

For lunch in Fitzroy we headed to Smith & Daughters, they serve all (delicious) vegan food.

For drinks I had the Virgin Rose Spritz (hands down, the best drink I have ever had in my life) and Callan had Kombucha.

As for food, Callan had the Creamy Garlic Mushrooms and I had the Spanish Pressed Sandwich, (filled with vegan Chorizo and Cheese) served with a side of potato chips. 

If you live in Melbourne or are heading there soon I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

We also had a look around the Museum.

( Coat, Thrifted ~ Top, Valleygirl ~ Jeans, H&M ~ Shoes, Spendless ~ Bag, Betts )

This was such a fun trip, as well as everything you see in the photos we also did lots of shopping and pretty much had Lord Of The Fries (Vegan fast food) for dinner every night (no regrets).

Thank you for Reading (although there really wasn't much to read as such, but thanks for looking at all my photos).


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  1. I've missed seeing your gorgeous photography in blog posts!! Granted I always liking your pics on instagram hahahah I adore Melbourne! One of my favourite places :) this just makes me want to go back there!! Em xx