"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

Just like the wind, I am free.

Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia
Going to the beach has always been one of my favourite things to do. When the sun is shining, the waves are gentle and the breeze is warm. I am able to breathe, relax and enjoy life.
Like the wind, I am free.
I caught the bus to Henley Beach quite early and arrived 20 mins before the time arranged to meet my friends. As I walked toward the beach I was already trying to snap pics of the ocean still two streets away. Once I had found a bench with the perfect view of the sea, I sat there and enjoyed the serenity whilst waiting for my friends. 

I am always filled with happiness when I see other people smiling and enjoying life, seeing all the children running around full of joy, old friends bumping into each other and talking about their life, the kindness of a stranger who was helping a lady who had fallen and couples walking hand in hand. Its the little things that make me smile.

Copenhagen has the most wonderful ice-cream flavours!
mine on the left is cappuccino flavour topped with nuts and chocolate sauce
(unfortunately not lactose free so I suffered a little later on)
Top scoop on the right is Nutella flavour!

After the beach I went to the shops with dad and saw these absolutely stunning flowers and I had to take photos. The colours are so vibrant and I have decided to take more photos of things that make me happy.

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