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➳ I Love Spring. (Tag)

Well, considering Spring is my all time favourite Season and time to be alive I thought I would hit up Google and search for a Spring tag! Sure enough I found the "I love spring tag" (makes sense I guess, because I do love Spring...) , I'm not sure who created this tag (if you do happen to know please let me know so I can credit them) .

Favourite spring nail polish?

Essence The Gel nail polish 05 "Sweet as Candy". This nail varnish is a pretty baby pink, that pretty much goes with everything and I have a feeling this will be my nail colour all spring.

(Ring in photo is from The Vintage Fox)

What is your must-have lip colour this spring?

If I am completely honest I hate wearing lip-gloss and don't often lean towards lip-stick. Therefore the lip colour I was born with is probably my "Must-have" Lip colour (not to mention easy to achieve). To keep my lips soft and moisturised I use the Hurraw lip balm in the flavour vanilla bean, it smells and tastes so good I have to seriously refrain from taking a bite out of it (it's also vegan and cruelty free!).

Show us your favourite spring dress!

I know technically this isn't a dress (its a play-suit) But technically its the same idea as a dress, right? A single piece of clothing that can be worn on its own? Anyway I am in love with this play-suit! (even if it is a bit tight around my arms) I got it from MCL for $15 (the brand is Luvalot).

What’s your favourite flower?

When it comes to flowers I tend to pick any that are unique, colourful or spherical in shape.
I absolutely adore Billy Buttons (the Yellow ball shaped flowers, pictured below) and I also love Pom Pom Chrysanthemums (the white flowers in third picture). But a type of flower that has recently caught my eye (and maybe my heart) are called Green tricks and they make me think of soft grassy hills, they look so luscious and different (of course in a good way).

Favourite spring accessory?

Hats for sure! (Both hats are from Cotton On) Or a flower crown (From Factorie) because flower crowns just scream Spring.

What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

I am actually so clueless about trends! I literally just wear whatever I want. I am excited to try more of a bohemian/ Music festival kind if style (not sure if this is actually in trend though).

Favourite spring candle?

Luna & Luxe Lily and Bamboo, This candle is so suitable for Spring, it smells fresh and light.

Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

Well I currently use a Beyonce perfume. Any recommendations for Spring Scents?

What is spring like where you live?

Comfortably Warm. With occasional Winter and Summer like days.

What’s your favourite thing about spring?

The sense of a new beginning.
 (As well as the warmer weather, flowers, smell of the air, etc.)

Are you a spring cleaner?

Absolutely!, I am a spring do everything-er! During spring I seem to without fail feel 100x more inspired and motivated to get creative, organise and clean (and well do anything for that matter).

Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Many many Picnics.

I nominate everyone reading this to do the "I Love Spring tag" ! Let me know if you do, do it! x

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