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➳ A Sunday well spent, At The Market Shed.

Yesterday me and Emily ventured to the Market shed on Holland Street in the city! We met in Rundle Mall then caught the tram to the Market.

I have been wanting to go to this market for ages now, but never seemed to be free on a Sunday afternoon and have someone to go with. Luckily Emily was free the same day I happened to be! 

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beautiful flowers and fresh produce made the cold weather a little more bearable.

There was such a great vibe going on there was live music, the smells of spices, fresh fruits and many different cuisines of food. Everybody just seemed so content, people simply sitting enjoying a warm drink or some fresh juice and tapping their feet to the music.

In an attempt to slightly cure out immense hunger we got some Kale chips from All Hale Kale to have as a snack before lunch, They were crispy and delicious, however Emily wasn't to keen on them (all the more for me).

I adored all the hanging plants scattered around.

After exploring every inch of the Market shed whilst I devoured the Kale Chips, we finally ordered some lunch. Emily got some gluten free squid and I got Vegan, gluten free and absolutely divine waffles from Live a Little Gelato topped with maple syrup (of course) and salted caramel vegan ice cream. Sounds like heaven right? It was!

Emily quenched her thirst with a mean green juice. A combination of apple, spinach, ginger and many other nutrient packed ingredients.

I am counting down the days until I get to go back here. If you live in Adelaide or will be passing through at any point definitely give this Market a visit. You wont regret it.

Hopefully there will be another blog post when I go back here for the Pure Veg Food & Wine Fair next weekend! (Literally so extremely excited).


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