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➳ My 18th Birthday.

It has occurred to me that is has been way too long since my last post (sorry about that) and a few things have changed.The most drastic change is that as of the 24th of October I am now 18 years old, this you would probably already know if you follow me on Instagram (which you absolutely should).

 Turning 18 is something I have been both waiting for and excited for yet also completely and utterly terrified for. Turing 18 seems to mean a couple of things, for example having slightly more freedom of choice, the pressure to actually get your life sorted, the ability to legally drink and stay in a pub after midnight and immature stupidity no longer being an excuse.

Anyway here are some photos from my small birthday get-together.

All the food was vegan (tell me how restrictive being vegan is) and majority gluten free. Oh and it was all also delicious.

There was fruit, dips, coconut date rolls, sour patch kids (yes these are vegan), oreos, gluten free oreos, ginger-nuts, arrowroot biscuits, Tim tams, lollipops and chips.

Of course a photo with my love.

It ended up being a 30° day but unfortunately the swimming pool was not quite there, we (being the fearless people we are) attempted to swim whilst momentarily freezing to death.

Being the typical Do-It-Yourself type of person I am I of course made my own cake. It also happened to be super easy, all I did was squish vanilla and chocolate soy ice cream into a cake mold and drizzle it with dark chocolate.

Since it was also Callan's birthday the day before mine a glass (or two) of moscato in the afternoon was of course needed.

And finishing off the remains of the ice-cream cake. (which even my anti-vegan friend enjoyed).

I also picked up some flowers in the morning from the lovely ladies at Fresh Stems at the Brickwork's. They Added in Green tricks without even knowing they were my favourites! as well as a billy button hiding somewhere among the other flowers.

Pretty much all the decorations were bought from Kmart, including the tassel/bunting banner, ice-cream honecomb (which will be a permanent decoration in my room), all tablecovers, paper garlands and yellow chevron plates. The ballons are all from Big W.

Me and Callan also ended the night with the most delicious gluten free and vegan pizza in existence (Regrets about not taking a photo). The Pizza was from Oasis Pizzas (they do free delivery yay) and it was their vegan supreme (yes, they have a vegan menu, Things are looking up in the world).

I am considering doing another post showing everything I got for my birthday as my amazing friends got me some really nice and cute presents!

Let me know if that's something you may want to see!

xx (more posts coming soon)

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  1. Hope you had an awesome birthday babe!! My 18th was "boring" by birthday standards but I enjoyed it haha went to a cheese factory with mum, we share birthdays so it's nice :) Em xx

    1. Thanks sooooo much! Awh well as long as you enjoyed it! :) that's so nice, Its great having my birthday right after my boyfriends because it means I can't forget! haha :) xx

  2. Happy belated! Hope you had an awesome day, it sure looks like you did! The decorations are so SO adorable I'm in love :)

    1. Thankyou so much! :) I definitely did, I know right! Kmart has some crazy good decorations, and really cheap too! x