"Just doing my best to tread lightly on the Earth."

➳ Flowers, Candles & Food. A Day in my Life.

Started my day the right way with Chocolate porridge using the amazing Du Chocolat drinking cocoa, topped with peanut butter, strawberries, coconut and maple syrup, of course.

At about 11:30am I headed for the city to meet with Emily.

Here's my outfit of the day, complete with a vintage t-shirt, American apparel bra, boohoo jeans and white faux leather sneakers from Spendless shoes (aka my new favourite shoes).

We checked out all my favourite little stores in the regent and Adelaide arcades, and bought a few little things as we went. But I mostly dreamt about buying myself all the beautiful flowers.

I did however buy myself a tiny Zuki & Boo Coffee beans scented candle, I would describe the scent as a fancy sweet vanilla latte (oh yes).

Refreshing lemon lime bitters were a must. Along with some Thai food that unfortunately didn't end up sitting too well in our tummies (the tofu was very yummy though).

Of course we also had a casual browse through American apparel (and I had to refrain from spending all my money). My list of must have dream clothes is getting way too long.

We also stumbled across a ridiculously cute Fairy/night light shop called All Night Lights down Rundle Street with the cutest displays that I just had to photograph. 

Hope you enjoyed this post (even just a little bit) Taking photos during my days out is probably one of my favourite things to do, so expect many more posts like this. I'm also getting very used to people thinking I am a tourist when I carry my camera around my neck and having to explain that I just have a blog and just really love taking photos, of well everything.

Hope you all have/had a lovely day. 


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  2. Your day looked splendid and I love how you captured the beauty of a typical day - some people can't see the lovely things around them but you hit it on the nail. Also, your breakfast looked really good!

    Lisa Favre