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➳ My Easter Camping Essentials/ Must-haves.

Hello there! Today I am off to Clayton Bay caravan park to spend the Easter long weekend! So I thought I would throw together a quick blogpost sharing some of my must-have items and products for a camping trip! Hope you enjoy! 
Reading Material.
My choices clearly being Frankie and Yen magazines. But Books are great too.
Green Tea Face Wipes, LUSH Dry shampoo, Hand Sanitiser, Travel size body wash.
I feel like all these thing are self explanatory necessities.
Kathmandu Microfibre Towels.
One for the body and one for the hair. Small, compact and still luxuriously soft.
Adult Colouring Books.
It's easy to get bored when you have no wifi connection so pick up some colouring books for something fun to do.
Mini Mirror, Fuji film Mini Instax Polaroid Camera.
The mirror to make sure I don't look deceased and that my mascara is actually on my eyelashes and my Polaroid Camera to capture some cute moments.
Hazelnut Vegan Chocolate, Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, Leda Bar.
Well at Easter you have to have Chocolate, Marshmallows to roast on the Campfire and some quick and easy snacks to go.
Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Would love to know what you are doing over the long weekend! xx


  1. Hope you have a nice time away! Whenever I go away I'll take a microfibre towel with me - they're so good, dries so much faster than regular towels! I really wish there was a Lush in my city! Want to purchase so much from them! My long weekend will sadly be filled with uni work :/ but it's my dads birthday on Saturday so that will be a nice break form studying :) Em xx


    1. Thanks lovely! :) They are such a good idea! Aw can you buy their products online at all?? Well I hope you still have a nice weekend, try not to get too stressed about study! Have a Happy Easter! xx